10 Essential Books about Gambling

The world of gambling is pretty exciting yet very dangerous. We all start gambling due to curiosity. To some people, gambling means curiosity, fun, and a random act of entertainment. However, to others, gambling is way more than that.

A professional gambler is someone who dedicates his entire time, attention, and energy to improve his knowledge and expertise in the gambling field.


It’s quite simple – the more you win the more money and satisfaction you get. Even more, as you keep winning, you’ll be confirming that this is exactly what you should do for the rest of your life.

Nevertheless, gambling is a fine art and skill. You need to learn, test, and optimize your game every single day, regardless of the gambling activities that you engage with.

In today’s post, I’ll be presenting 10 essential books about gambling that should open up new perspectives about different ways of winning.

Beat the Dealer

Edward O. Thorp, the writer of this incredible book, happens to be an ingenious mathematician. He was named the “father of counting” and also the creator of the first computer that you can wear.

Beat the Dealer is the first written masterpiece that has proven the fact that cards can be counted. That is when the blackjack game has changed because people understood that card counting can overturn the house edge. This is the must-grab book for card counting if you’re playing blackjack!

Doyle Bronson’s Supersystem

If you’re a fan of Poker, you must already know the name Doyle Bronson. His book is one of the best poker books that have ever been written.

In case you’re planning to turn poker into a professional activity, Doyle Bronson’s A to Z system should help you understand the basics of poker hands, psychology, and mindset.

Beating the Casinos at Their Own Game

If you’re a new gambler, Peter Svoboda’s book should effectively introduce you to the world of casinos. The book approaches topics like casino games, major games, and comprehensively explains how to play these games skillfully without having to possess prior experience or knowledge. This is another classic that you should prioritize if you’re serious about gambling!

Bringing Down the House

Bringing Down the House is a gambling book that destroys many common myths that you can find around various contemporary gambling blogs. You see, the problem is that new gamblers can barely reach the essence of the game the way this book does. That is why most gambling content contains mistakes.

Bringing Down the House provides a set of guidelines, rules, tips, and tricks that are extracted from Ben Mezrick’s experience.

Gambling 102

Here’s one of the most amazing books on gambling that you’ll ever get your hands on. While I was testing out low risk casino offers on Gamblizard.com, I used every single trick in the book to generate incredible profits over three to four years. This book taught me the real applications of gambling and I consider it the bible of gambling.

The Biggest Game in Town

Here’s another amazing poker book that explores the strategies that players used in the 1981 WSP event in Las Vegas. If you want to go big in poker, this book should not be missed.

The Smart Money

Betting is a whole different game if we compare it to any table game. It is complex yet it can be taught and learned. The author provides fundamental teachings that should help you beat the bookmakers in the US casinos. If you’re from the US, this is one of the betting bibles that you need to consume as soon as possible.

The Gambler

The Gambler is a special yet old-school book about gambling, written by Fyodor Dostoevsky. If you’re familiar with the name, you’ll probably be intrigued from the start. It is said that this book has been inspired by the experiences and struggles of Dostoyevsky, and teaches important psychological lessons that any gambler needs to experience.

Dueling with Kings

If you’re passionate about fantasy sports, Dueling with Kings is the best book you can read to improve your fantasy sports betting.

Daniel Barbarisi, who is also a seasoned journalist, exposes the fast-growing world of fantasy sports and the most effective ways to start a career in this field.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Lastly yet very importantly, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is a book that warns about the dangers of gambling. The book exemplifies how gambling can become the main cause of anxiety and loathing in different casinos. It also shows how US citizens are extremely addicted to gambling and how addiction creates a link to even crimes.


As I have already stated, gambling is a subjective activity that can be done in many different forms. Certainly, spending real money in gambling without having a skeleton of knowledge behind the curtains is only going to get you broke.

Start reading, start cultivating, and start testing. Find your game, find your method, and stick to it as much as you can!


BIO: Emma Rundle is a highly passionate football and basketball gambler. She’s currently running a team of ten professional gamblers that are following her training and ways. In her free time, Emma is teaching students how to improve their essay writing skills while also providing various writing services like editing, proofreading, and content writing.