Golf Review: Betting Advice for Rookies


Golf is one of the oldest sports in the world. Its economic value is especially noticeable in Golf Tours and tournaments that take place every year in different Golf Courses around the world.  But for a punter looking to place a wager on a favorite golf player, there is a difference between being a first-time gambler (rookie) and experienced punter. If you are looking to place a stake on any upcoming golf tournament, you could take advantage of the latest US betting codes to leverage your wager.

For golf betting rookies, the first thing that comes to mind is the rules of the game. The next thing you would want to explore is betting markets. While some betting markets such as an outright winner, totals, and money line are usually the same, there are few exceptions. Betting props in golf are not always going to be the same as soccer, baseball, basketball, or any other sport. Thus, when choosing the best golf betting site in the U.S, we recommend choosing a bookmaker that provides punters with as many options as they would have.

Now, to help you get started with golf betting, the following are expert tips for rookies:

Understanding Golf Proposition Bets

Golf game props are all about the popularity of a tournament. Big tournaments usually present more prop bets to punters. Some of the possible props depending on a golf tournament include but not limited to hole-in-one, birdies a golfer will record, overs/unders for lowest scoring shoots, and playoffs props.  It is worth noting that in golf, the most popular props are overs/unders for a winning score and lowest score in a golf tournament.

Usually, the two popular props depend on the weather of the day. Take, for example, betting on the British Open. Bad weather means players will have to overcome a lot of frustration triggering the possibility of high scores. But while weather usually influence outcome of a game, oddsmakers for golf tournaments only look at head-to-head when coming up with a money line bet. Other factors they look into are reports about a golf course and player interviews.

Player Match Round Trends

Golf betting rookies looking to place their bets on a tournament should also factor in player scoring trends. If a player usually starts slow, a possible punting option is the first-round scoring average. A golfer with a good ranking history is always likely to maintain that record.  Money line odds in golfing rounds are usually preceded by either + or – depending on who is likely to card the lowest or highest score in every round.

Punting On Golf Tournaments and Golf Majors

Another important golf betting tip is placing a wager on tournament tours. GPA Tour and European Tour are the main tournaments on which you can place a wager. A good starting point is to; therefore, find out who will participate in the tours. After successful completion of tournaments, the best golfers then proceed to golf majors. There are four majors namely US Open, The Open Championship, The Masters, and USPGA. Betting on any of the golf majors boils down to knowing who will participate, and the possibility of becoming a no-hoper, outsider and hole-by-hole scores.