3 Simple Ways To Improve Your Golf Swing

As any golfer would know, an excellent golf shot is when the golf ball is on the way of the swing. It is not about hitting the ball itself, but it primarily makes a good golf swing. Sometimes, the swing is one thing that golfers neglect, they just focus on hitting the ball. In driving the ball towards your target, it is very crucial to have a nice follow through. Your hands, arms, legs, and hips need to have coordination else, you won’t be able to hit the ball at your very best efforts.

If you watch how famous golfers do their golf swings, try to observe how they finish a shot. They would be in the same position every time, then holds at this position for some time. After a swing, they remain upright and relaxed. If you want to improve on your swings, never hold yourself back, here are three golf swing basics to help you play better. 

1. Hand Position

Some golf players neglect the relationship between the hands and the clubhead. Some golfers are not consistent when we speak about the club directions. Some of them swing inwards while some swing outwards, and some do this in combination. But regardless of this, they still make targets. Here’s one thing that golfer will tell you, the direction of the club is not an issue. If we talk about consistency, they always keep the clubhead outside of their hands. A way to do this is when your club shaft parallels the ground and the clubhead should be outside your hands, then you are ready for the next for a great swing. You need to get used to this form. Constant practice is the key. There a lot of training aids out in the market now, some also use technology to make your training give you a measure of how well you are doing your swings. And when you’re trained with the proper takeaway, before you finally hit, take a few swings to check your hand form in relation to the clubhead. This will ensure that you will not miss your target.

2. Elbow Squeeze

Another habit for most golfers is allowing their elbows to separate as they move from the takeaway to full swing. This gesture is something your body wants to do, especially if you are not as flexible as you are supposed to be. The problem when this happens is that your body is limited to rotating, and will create a steeper angle of your club which can eventually give a high probability of having a bad shot.

Here’s how to avoid it, as you transition to the top of your swing, squeeze them hard towards each other. This may not be a little comfortable at first, but this can bring you closer to your desired target. You can get used to this by practicing with the use of a ball inserted between your forearms and make as many swings as you can but keep the ball in its place. This can improve common backswing mistakes and correct the chicken wing posture. Once your elbows stay close to each other, you will expect a great and smooth finish.

3. Knees Should Touch

With every swing, you should stay in balance on the finish, and to be able to be in this state, your knees should touch. As simple as it is, this last tip will make a big improvement as you do a swing. So a perfect finish should be your club over your shoulder with your knee touching the other knee. 

It does not require complex activities to improve your golf swing. Just keep these three things in mind: (1) Keep clubhead outside your hands, (2) Keep your elbow close together, and (3) Maintain good balance while your knees are touching. If you do not meet any of these three, it’s time for you to start training yourself playing golf with a better swing.