Top Gift-Giving Trends That are Great For Any Occasion

The art of giving gifts is something that has always come naturally to some while others struggle with it terribly. There’s just this pressure that people put on themselves to give the “perfect” gift when the reality is that most people are happy and thankful that someone thought enough about them to even give them a gift.

True enough, there are people out there that are high-strung on receiving the perfect gift and those who it’s hard to give a gift to because they have everything… But that’s why there are gift-giving trends that work for all gift recipients.

According to Psychology Today, there are five types of gift-givers, and you probably fall under the category of one of them or maybe a couple of them but regardless of your reasoning behind giving a gift, “it’s the thought that counts,” right?

If you’ve ever found yourself struggling to give your friend, loved one, or co-worker a gift for any occasion, you no longer have to worry… These gift-giving trends are all the rage this year and they show no signs of ever going anywhere.

Trends in Gift-Giving That Will Please Any Gift Recipient

Meaningful Framed Photos

Whether it’s a family member, friend, or co-worker, you can’t ever go wrong with a framed photo that means something to them. If it’s a picture of you with the recipient or a picture of someone meaningful to the recipient, there’s no refuting or “not liking” that gift.

A nice size photo and frame to get is the 5×7 size. You can buy the frame already finished, or if you’re crafty or handy, you can make the frame yourself.

Personalized Gifts

Personalized gifts such as those at come in many different forms but it’s pretty safe to say that ANY gift you give to someone that’s personalized, they’re going to love it.

The more traditional version of personalized gifts come in the form of having someone’s name, initials, photo, or quote printed on things like:

  • Cups
  • Mugs
  • Bags
  • Blankets
  • Shirts
  • Pillows

To be on the more professional side of personalized gifts, let’s say you’re starting your own clothing line and you’re wanting to gain more exposure to your brand. Well, you would, of course, make sure every garment has custom clothing tags on them, but to gain even more exposure, you could give certain items from your clothing line as gifts.

This would be the type of gift that no one could refute simply because it’s a real representation of you, your brand, and everything you’ve worked so hard for. Just be sure to include a note in your gifts that says they’re the first people to own an original piece from your line!

Also, if you have recipients with pets, they would appreciate you getting their pet a gift more than getting them a gift! So, personalized pet gifts are also a wonderful gift option as well.

Digital Gifts

Because we live in such a digital era, it’s only right that you have the option to give digital gifts. The awesome thing about digital gifts is that they can be used for just about anything! Plus, it’s a little easier for you because you no longer have to stand at a tower staring at gift cards… Now you can just think about what the recipient likes, go to that website, and download a dollar amount to the virtual card and email it off to them.

This method might feel a little impersonal but a lot of the gift cards have areas where you can write a personal message to your recipient to make it a little more personal.

Local Gifts/Souvenir Gifts

Do you have friends or family that live out of town but you still celebrate special occasions with them no matter how many miles apart you are? Well, if you do, that’s very kind and thoughtful of you, and sending them a local gift or souvenir from your city or state is going to be a great gift to remind them of you.

If you live in Tennessee but have family that lives in California, you could put together a basket of local Memphis barbecue accessories, like different rubs and sauces, a koozie for beer, and other local favorites.

You can even throw in a prank gift as well. If your loved lives in Chicago and is a fan of the Chicago Bulls, but you live in San Francisco and you’re a fan of the Golden State Warriors, why not throw in Warriors hat to keep things fun!

Sports Memorabilia

Sports is a universal language to almost everyone in the world, which means you can’t ever go wrong with sports-related gifts. If you have a friend, spouse, loved one, or “frenemy,” hooking them up with memorabilia from their favorite sports team will always be a gift you can never go wrong with.