Top All-Time NCAA Teams from Montana

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Focusing on NCAA greats again here, we thought we’d look into some of the very best teams to ever emerge from the state of Montana. Some of the achievements here are just awesome.

Grizzly Football. Photo by Patrick Record

Photo by Patrick Record for

College greats

1. Montana State Football (Bobcats)

Arguably the most successful NCAA team to emerge from Montana ever is the football team. The Bobcats have managed to win the NCAA tournament on three different occasions – once in 1956, again in 1976, and finally in 1984. This is rather impressive for an athletic program that is nowhere near as large as some other schools, and these really were the glory days of the Bobcats. As you can see, they haven’t won an NCAA football trophy since 1984, which is clearly a bit of a drought.

They still compete in the Big Sky Conference, although they have yet to taste the same level of success since. Interestingly, the Montana Bobcats are the only team today that has won an NCAA trophy in three separate divisions. This is a record that is still held today, and we believe that this solidifies, as well as justifies their listing in this post.

2. Montana Grizzlies Football

Amazingly, the Montana Grizzlies had the most successful team out of any other NCAA football team in the nation throughout the 2000s. This was largely down to their winning percentage, combined with the fact that they won the Big Sky Conference 12 times in a row. With 119 wins throughout the opening decade of the 2000s, this really does make them the diamond of Montana based NCAA teams.

While this shows amazing success in the modern-day world, they are still missing the achievements reflected in the Bobcats athletics program. They are still missing an NCAA ring for football in several divisions, but then again, the structure of the NCAA today does not really pave the way for such achievements. With that in mind, we cannot take away from the team that they have won the national championships twice, and arguably, this is more impressive since both of these wins have come from Division 1 NCAA football.

As you can see from this list of two teams, Montana has been particularly successful in the sport of football. They have enjoyed success as a state in other athletic events, yet football is undoubtedly the standout factor here.