Is There a Future for the Casino Industry in Missoula

With a population of slightly over 1 million people, Montana ranks among some of the least populated states in the USA. Yet, what is rather surprising about that territory is that the gambling establishments that are scattered around the state are over 290, while the number of gambling operators that have earned a license comes to more than 1,400.

As it turns out, gambling enthusiasts are attracted predominantly by video gambling machines, and the figures come to prove that due to the fact that the income this source of entertainment generates exceeds $60 million on an annual basis.

Missoula is a city in western Montana that has developed into a particularly appealing destination, and it is often referred to as Las Vegas in the mountains. Although some people consider that the casinos in Missoula have already reached their saturation point, it seems that new ones are on the way.

Legal Status of Gambling in Missoula

The legal framework for how gambling activities in Montana and Missoula, in particular, are regulated is exceptionally intelligible and clear-cut, which might not always be the case with other states across the USA.

What is important to note about the state is that under its legislation, gambling is legalized only within a limited range. Montana’s legislation states that video line gambling machines, bingo, keno, and poker are considered legal, but an important thing that should be taken into account is that bets are capped at $2. In addition to this, the payout gambling enthusiasts can potentially receive should not go over $800.

Live games are not against the law as well as players are permitted to revel in shake-a-day, keno, poker, raffles, and panguingue. Those who are intrigued by sports betting are not left without options to choose from as wagering on sports pools, sports tab games, and fantasy sports leagues is legal as well.

What is essential to remember about the above-mentioned betting opportunities is that they are all non-banking games. What this means is that wagers are laid and settled between gambling enthusiasts and do not involve wagering against the house and settling with it.

What is specific about the regulatory landscape in the USA and Missoula when gambling is concerned is that it has seen many sweeping changes throughout the years. Back in 1889, all forms of gambling were made illegal, and it was not until 1925 when betting on horse races started to gain momentum. Yet, this took place without legal grounds.

A couple of years later, in 1937, the state gave all counties the freehand to legalize table games, but the legalization of casino gaming was rejected. So was the establishment of a gaming commission.

In spite of the fact that video poker machines were said to be illegal just like slots, only a year later, legislators passed a law under which bars were given the permission to offer up to five video poker machines. The next year also turned out to be eventful as lottery tickets went on sale as well.

Back in 1994, the state put a seal on compacts with four tribes, including Rocky Boy, Fort Peck, Crow, and Cheyenne. As it seems, three more tribes also wanted to sign a compact with the state, but they did not make it to the final phase of the negotiations.

When online gambling operations are concerned, back in 2005, lawmakers enacted a bill that clearly banned online gambling. Things have changed dramatically when it comes to sports betting due to the fact that the Supreme Court of the USA declared that the Amateur and Professional Sports Protection Act is unconstitutional, which in practice cleared the way for the legalization of betting on sports by the individual states.

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Gambling Regulations

So as to take part in any of the forms of gambling that are not prohibited, players need to be at least 18 years old. Yet, what is vital to remember is that this age restriction does not apply to some types of raffles because on some occasions, children might also be permitted to take part in such activities.

Unlike other territories where the minimum legal age for gambling is might not the same for the different gambling activities, this is not the case with Missoula.

Slot Machine Casino Gambling in Missoula

As it happens, there are a total of eight tribal casinos across Montana where players can enjoy games of chance and games of skill. Video gaming machines, on the other hand, are available at a broad number of taverns and bars.

Something important that should be noted about the federally-recognized tribal casinos is that there might be certain differences in terms of the ceiling that is imposed on bets and payoffs.

The tribal casino players can visit on the territory of Missoula is Gray Wolf Peak Casino. What is particularly interesting about Missoula is that the question of the need for the establishment of new casinos has led to a heated debate.

Currently, the range of the places players can visit so as to gamble is not that small, and they are over a dozen. Still, locals, together with some members of the City Council consider that no more casinos are needed in the city.

So, in spite of the fact that most people are confident that the casino industry in Missoula has a bright future ahead, it is yet to be seen what is coming and if new casinos will be introduced. Additionally, many citizens who are enthusiastic about gambling are eagerly awaiting to see if the state will relax its grip on online gambling.