Easy to Follow DIY Car Maintenance Tips

It can be an understatement to say that owning a car is a big responsibility. If you haven’t paid for your car upfront, you need to ensure that you are on top of its monthly payments, and this is in addition to your gas expenses. Aside from the cost of having a vehicle, you also need to ensure that it is properly maintained such that it is roadworthy. This ensures not only your safety but the safety of other motorists on the road as well. While you need to consult with a mechanic for complex vehicle troubles, there are certain car maintenance processes that you will be able to perform yourself.

Change Coolant

Ideally, you need to change your coolant every 40000km or four times of this distance in case you have an extended life coolant. In the older vehicle models, it was quite straightforward to change coolant, but with modern cars, you may be overwhelmed. But don’t worry because all you need is an air-powered refilling tool, and you’re almost good to go. Just make sure to check the condition of your coolant when the engine of your car is cool.

Check Fluids

When you have a car, you must check its fluids regularly to ensure that it is in its best condition to run. This includes your oil, as well as your transmission, brake, and windshield washer fluid levels. To check the oil of your car, make sure that your engine is not running.

You can use a dipstick to have a good idea if you need to add oil to your vehicle. Oftentimes, motor oil, like the one on motoroilexpert.com, has a light or transparent hue, but it darkens over time. In case your dipstick appears black after pulling it out, then this is a good sign that you need an oil change.

To check your transmission fluid, you need to make use of a dipstick to check its level along with the markings. In case your vehicle did not come with a dipstick, then you need to see an automotive professional because they need to perform a different process in checking the level of your transmission fluid. On the other hand, refer to your vehicle manual regarding the ideal frequency of checking your brake fluid as required by your vehicle. More often than not, the brake fluid of a car must be checked at least once a year. Lastly, make sure to use a windshield washer solution that will make your windshield squeaky clean instead of leaving streaks and discoloration.

Air Filter Replacement

Replacing your cabin air filter is quite manageable, but it is necessary to ensure that the air in your car is clean and hygienic. Closely note the orientation of the pleats when you slide out the filter tray because you need to install the new filter in the same direction. That is all that it takes to replace the air filter of your vehicle, and you are most likely done in just a couple of minutes.

Headlight Cleaning

You don’t need to bear with cloudy headlights because you can clean them up as needed. However, before you even begin cleaning, assess whether your headlights are cloudy on the outside because if the problem is on the inside, there is not much that you can do. You have the option of buying a headlight restoration kit that comes with sandpaper and a polishing compound. Some even come with a clear coat remover solution. To prevent damage, mask the areas of your car around the headlight before using your kit.

Battery Assessment

Generally, the battery of a vehicle can last anywhere from three to five years before entailing the need to be replaced. With proper maintenance, you can go well over this lifespan. Your car battery comes with a condition indicator wherein a green, or blue color is a sign that everything is all good. A red color means that you need to add distilled water, while a white color indicates that your battery needs to be recharged.

In conclusion, for sure you need a reliable and reputable mechanic who can handle complicated car troubles. Nevertheless, you can rely on yourself for basic maintenance to keep your car in its top condition. Practice changing your coolant and make it a habit to regularly check your car’s fluids. Also, try changing the air filter of your vehicle yourself in parallel to cleaning your headlights and maintaining your battery. Not only will all these save you a hefty sum, but you will get to know your car more as well.