7 Tools You Need to Truly Master the Grill

What is your favorite meal? Grilled chicken marinade, grilled cheese sandwich, or perhaps grilled fish? Are you the kind that salivates heavily over grilled burgers, steak, or hotdogs? Well, for various reasons, grilled food is a favorite of many. For starters, grilled food is low in fat, not forgetting that this method of cooking allows it (especially meat) to retain much of its nutrients. You also get to use less butter/oils when grilling, and you can even do your veggies on the grill if you’re vegetarian or vegan. Most importantly, grilling is a fun activity that brings families and friends together while enjoying the outdoors. No wonder the cooking method takes the crown in parties and gatherings for the delicious results it presents.

Nonetheless, cooking is an art, and you will need more than just basic cooking knowledge to prepare finger-licking meals over the grill. Among other things, it requires you to have the right equipment, tools, and accessories for the best results. With this having been said, what exactly do you need to prepare that “oh-so-lovely” meal? Here are 7 tools you need to truly master the grill.

1. Metal Spatula

Meals like grilled fish and burgers do not need a vigorous toss and turn using tongs. Instead, a gentle touch using a metal spatula with a long handle will help flip those delicate meals easily without breaking. Short handles lead to burning due to the excess heat. The best thing is that these days, you can easily find a grilling tool set containing a stainless steel spatula and other tools. Remember, all the accessories for grilling need proper cleaning after every use, and the metal spatula is not an exception. Most spatulas also have a serrated edge, as well as a beveled edge for cutting and slicing different kinds of food while grilling. To master the grill, the spatula is among the tools you won’t want to do without.

2. Grill Brush

Just like any kitchen item, the grill pans need a fresh and clean look when preparing your favorite grilled servings. The grill brush is used to scrape away all the burnt, sticky, and dirt remains that were left from the previous preparation. This ensures that the food is clean, doesn’t stick, and cooks evenly. When choosing a grill brush, it’s best to go for one with a long handle and stainless steel bristles.

3. Strong Pair of Tongs

A lot of burns that tend to occur while grilling are avoidable. With a good pair of tongs, you can easily move the food around the grill without burning your fingers. For a better grilling experience, you will also need to frequently toss and turn the meat for it to cook well. There are a variety of tongs in the market, but quality should be your guiding light when it comes to kitchen items and appliances.  

4. Meat Thermometer

Grill masters love to serve meals to their perfect space. Overcooked or undercooked meals are hardly delicious or enjoyable anyway. For this reason, a meat thermometer is an important tool in the kitchen if you are planning to grill often. The instant temperature reader helps you avoid rookie grilling mistakes, and allows you to determine when the meat is cooked just right. 

5. Rimmed Baking Sheet

These are used to organize all the ingredients that need to get in and out of the grill. The metal surface makes it easy to clean using the grill brush after serving clean meals. They are suitable for a wide range of meal preparation methods and not just grilling.

6. Cooling Rack

An attractive look reveals a tasty meal, even before you take a bite. A cooling rack is a common kitchen item with a mesh design, which is normally used to give the meal that “meshed” look. If you’ve seen a meal with a “burnt” mesh look on it, this is the tool responsible for that job. For the best grill marks, you will need to preheat the rack on the grill before putting your grilled meal to cool.

7. Carving Board

A delicious meal needs a presentable serve. A carving board makes a perfect serving tool as the perimeters are well defined so that the juices do not spill when transporting your meal from the oven to the table. Some of the best carving boards are made from reclaimed teak, thick enough to make the board sturdy and long-lasting.

With the above items, you can fulfill your cravings and satisfy your taste buds from the comfort of your outdoor kitchen. You can go with simple grilled meals or explore recipes from your favorite food blogger for the best experience. Always remember to put on an apron while at it!