6 Office Decorating Ideas That Will Inspire Creativity And Productivity

Ever wondered why some multinational companies and organizations spend millions of pounds on decorating their head offices? How a place is decorated and organized has a great impact on how it makes you feel. If you’re going to spend at least 8 hours a day in a place, that makes it a second home and for the same reasons, you decorate your living room and bedrooms to ensure feelings of relaxation and comfort when spending time in them; decorating your work, home office or company is vital for you and your employees overall creativity and productivity. You don’t have to go crazy and spend millions, but there are specific details that you can change about your home or work office that will make it more appealing and will enhance your productivity levels. Wouldn’t you rather get a happy feeling when walking into your office instead of feelings of boredom, fatigue, and overall dullness? 

Here are 6 simple ideas to help make your working area healthier, happier, and definitely more productive. 

1. Adjust the Lighting 

You have to make sure the place you work in is perfectly lit so you don’t end up with headaches and feelings of nausea every time you spend more than thirty minutes in it. Lighting affects your mood and your concentration levels, so do every possible thing to ensure that the lighting is good enough for you. You can do that by simply placing desk and floor lamps all over the room, you can also add a few side table lamps for decoration and light dimmers in case you need to make the room dimmer or brighter.

2. Practice Minimalism 

Using minimal furniture and decorations while revamping your work or home office brings peace of mind. If your desk is filled with papers, computers, books, printers, and other desk supplies, making your room all crowded and messy you might find it hard to think in there. If you feel stress and tension with your job lately, organizing your desk and its surroundings can bring good vibes of calmness and boost your creativity. Don’t forget to specify places for all the technology and material you use at work to free up some of the space around you. You may also consider adding custom miniature flags that have your businesses’ brand or logo on your desk, which can be a great way to get you inspired.

3. Add Color 

Picking the right color for the walls, the furniture and decorations can be tricky, but once you select the right colors you will notice a huge shift in your mood and feelings towards your workspace. Don’t hesitate to reach out to commercial painting professionals that can help make your office a working heaven. If picking a color or deciding on decorations is hard, you can look at online samples from office revamping professionals. The seasoned experts from GSD Painting and Decorating give insight into what kind of services are provided by reliable decorators. What’s more, consulting a professional guarantees an eye that is experienced so they’ll know how to pair colors for you. If you research online you will find that there are colors that could be used to make your room feel comfortable and luxurious but if not appropriately applied, they can give off the opposite of positive vibes. If you want to do it yourself and put your personal touch you can look for samples and learn simple decoration and hacks to make things easier. If changing the office color isn’t what you’re looking for then consider adding conversation starters around the place. You can also look for interesting art in galleries, they can really make an empty wall stand out, but to make sure it is perfectly placed you can call a commercial picture hanging service for help. 

4. Add Greenery 

The best way to decorate your room is to add more greenery around you. Plants have plenty of benefits on your health, the ventilation of your workspace, and your overall mood. The best workspace pet is a pot filled with your favorite flowers. Make sure to put some indoor plants in there to enhance your mood and purify the air around you. 

5. Ensure Comfort

If you are planning to have a meeting in your office or work from home so you need to consider that you might not remember to take a break. You might end up working for 12 hours non stop just to be ahead of something or finish up a task before a deadline. Therefore, you need your room to have a recliner, a beanbag, or a small, comfortable chaise lounge as well as a small setup that could be suitable to conduct small meetings. 

6. Get a Board 

Make sure your room has a vision board for all your goals, reminders, and important notes. If you don’t like pin boards with cute colorful sticky notes on them, then get yourself a whiteboard to help you display your thoughts in front of you or draw mind maps to boost your creativity. 

You can always make a place more comfortable by making sure that everything you might ever need is right next to you. It wouldn’t hurt to get yourself a coffee maker if you can afford one, buy desk supplies and organizers to make sure your desk is neat and clutter-free. Adding a few pictures of your loved ones or hanging inspiring quotes or art on the walls can do wonders to how beautiful a room looks and feels. Remember, you want to stay in a place that inspires you and helps you focus not distract you and make you feel trapped.