5 Ways to Take a Better Bath

Taking a bath is relaxing whether you prepare for it or not, but you might be missing out on a lot of perks if you don’t prepare. The following are five simple ways to improve your bath.

1. Use Essential Oils

One thing you can do to improve your baths is adding some essential oils. Scent is a powerful thing; the right scents could be invigorating like peppermint while other scents can make you feel calmer like lavender. What you want to do is test a few out to see which scents work best for you. Make sure you get natural and organic essential oils since you’ll be exposing your body to them. You won’t need more than just a few drops per bath.

2. Add Some Carbonation

Carbonation is a great thing for bathwater because the bubbles can penetrate your skin with ease and it can also help improve blood flow. Adding a fizzy action can help make this happen especially if you have calming ingredients like CBD in your bath water such as the 100 mg CBD bath bombs by cbdMD. They have no artificial dyes or preservatives and the coloring is non-staining and absorption-safe, allowing you to enjoy the CBD experience any time of the day or night. Having little bubbles in your bathtub looks and feels heavenly. Stay away from bath bombs with questionable ingredients because those ingredients will penetrate your skin easily.

3. Drop in Bath Salts

You can improve your bath if you add some salt to the water. Bath salts help relieve stress; they help reduce muscle tension and stimulate circulation to name a few things. The minerals in the salts dissolve in the water, making them easier to absorb into the skin. A great thing about bath salts is there are many options out there for you, which is perfect if you are looking for a deal.

4. Get Rid of the Contaminants

Your skin absorbs things from the water. As mentioned earlier, this is the reason you don’t want your bath bombs to have questionable ingredients. Sadly, your water might have contaminants like heavy metals or chemicals like chloride. Now, it may be difficult to go to a local spring and bring back buckets of clean water to your home, but you can install a filter. All you have to do is install a filter to ensure the water flowing into your home is as clean as possible.

5. Start With Hot Water

One thing that could make your bath better is starting with hot water. A lot of folks fill their custom Walk In Tub with warm water with a temperature they are comfortable with. People do this so that they can get into the water with no problems, but you don’t want to do this. What you want to do is start with hot water and get in when you can. The reason you are doing this is that water loses heat very quickly. If you start with hot water, you’ll end up enjoying a hot bath for a longer time.

Most of these tips are easy to do and don’t cost much. You can combine these suggestions to ensure your bath is as good as it could be.