5 Essential Items You Should Have When Playing Golf

Golf is a fun sport to engage in. However, you need some essential items to enjoy the wonderful game to its fullest. There are several items you can take along when going to play golf. Some items are more important than others. Here are some of the essential items you must have with you when playing golf.

1. Golf Balls

Without golf balls, there’s nothing to strike or hit. In short, there can be no golf game without golf balls. There is a diverse variety of golf balls in the market. Some must be used with a specific golf club, while others are designed to travel very far. Some are designed to improve accuracy. There are also some unique golf balls designed to create special user experiences, etc.

You need to have at least a box full of balls whenever you are playing. This is because golf balls get used up or misplaced easily.

2. Golf Clubs

After the ball, the club is the second most essential golf item. You can buy a full set of new or used golf clubs. If you are a novice golfer, you can decide to buy a few golf clubs essential for your use and practice. Most of the time, a full club set includes a driver, woods, irons, putter pitching wedge, sand wedge, and more. Based on your requirements, you can decide to buy specific clubs individually. 

Hybrid clubs and specialty wedges are also popular choices among golfers. Every club in the club set is numbered. The number tells you the total number of that type of club in the club set. The low-numbered clubs are designed to send the ball further than the high-numbered clubs. Also, each club in the collection is designed to face a different angle. 

The lower-numbered clubs are usually designed to face lesser degree angles than the higher-numbered clubs. For example, if you hit with a low-numbered club, the ball will roll on the ground for longer after landing than if the shot was played with a higher-numbered club. When competing in a golf game, you are only allowed to have a maximum of 14 clubs with you.

3. Golf Clothing

Golf has its traditional dress style. The attire is different for men and women. Dress codes are usually strict in golf, due to the relatively formal nature of the sport. Clothing rules might also vary depending on your golf club. Some golf clubs may be lenient about the dress code, while others may be very particular about what the members wear. 

The men are required to wear collared shirts and long pants. Women wear golf tops and golf trousers or golf skirts. The apparels are made with a cut pleat or a V-notch on the front or side to allow free body movements during golf swings.

Right footwear is also a part of the dress code for golf courses. Golf shoes are comfortable shoes with soft spikes on the soles to aid stability during the swing. The shoes also allow smooth movement without pain even if the golfer is on the field for long hours. Buying comfortable and well-fitted golf shoes will help you perform well on the golf course. 

Another essential item for the golf course is the golf glove. It’s worn on the left hand if you are right-handed and on the right hand if you are left-handed. The golf glove is believed to aid a firm grip on the club. You can check CherrywoodGolfClub if you are looking for where to buy top quality golf gloves.

4. Golf Bag

Since you need various items every time you play golf, it’s only reasonable that you buy a golf bag. Carrying an uncomfortable golf bag around the field will make you feel tired. The fatigue may affect your game performance.

For this reason, it’s important to buy a golf bag that won’t make you feel uncomfortable. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a stylish bag or just a functional one. Generally, stylish designer golf bags cost more than the functional ones. If you are a beginner in golf, you can buy club sets that come with their own bag. Sometimes, the come-along bag might not suit your preference, and you’ll still need to buy a different golf bag to keep all your golfing essentials.

5. Golf Tees

Golf tees are tiny platforms that can be used to stabilize the ball. They are also used as small platforms to raise golf balls off the ground. Tees are typically small, about 2-4 inches. They help golfers to execute more extended and accurate drives.

A golf tee is used for the first stroke of each hole in the golf course. This first stroke is called the tee shot, usually seen as an advantageous shot. The area where the first stroke is delivered through the tee is called the teeing ground.

6. Other essentials

In addition to the above items, you must have sunshade, a water bottle to keep hydrated, bug spray, umbrella, band-aids, and sunscreen.


This article lists some essential items you will need when playing golf. These include golf balls, clubs, golfing clothes, and tees. In addition, you should carry a sunshade, water bottle to remain hydrated, bug spray, umbrella, band-aid, and sunscreen. Don’t forget to buy a golf bag so that you can carry these items with comfort and class.