Vital Evidences When Claiming Compensation In A Car Accident

Car accidents are situations you don’t want to be not prepared for. Everyone can end up in an accident, and it’s not always going to be your driving that’s at fault. When you’re involved in a car accident and you need to collect evidence, it’s best to start as soon as the accident is done and you know everyone is safe. There are a few key elements that you want to have in your arsenal when making a compensation claim. 


A photograph is certainly the most convincing evidence that you can obtain. It’s the easiest way to show the extent of the damage on your car, as well as take pictures of any injuries that you may have sustained. Be sure to date the pictures, as well as how long after the accident you took photographs of the injuries. Most of us have phones on us all of the time so this should also be the easiest evidence to collect. This is also why it’s so important to have your phone charged and on while you’re driving. If you don’t already have a dash cam, these can be a good investment for recording the accident as well. Having a dash cam may even reduce your insurance rates overall. 

Receipts And Invoices

If your car has become unusable and you’re stuck using a rental, you should be these receipts. You should also keep a copy of any estimates mechanics give you on the cost of repairs. The burden of proof is going to fall on you to prove that there were damages inflicted upon you. If you have to miss work due to any possibly sustained injuries you should also keep this recorded. Loss of work leads to a loss of income and is definitely something that testifies to the damages that you’ve endured.

 If you’re dealing with the loss of a loved one, you are also going to have expenses related to their funeral costs and such. You may want to investigate the stipulations and required receipts needed for no-fault insurance. In Hawaii, for example, if no-fault insurance has already paid over 5000$ in medical expenses, you may be able to file for a suit. For serious or similar accidents, you can read more on this post on what happens in these kinds of cases. If a family is able to prove the other driver was at fault they may be able to receive compensation. 

Witness Statements 

Getting a witness’ information after you’ve left the scene of an accident is nigh impossible. If there’s any onlookers make sure you speak to them right away, and attempt to get their information. If you’re unable to do that, attempt to get a recording of their opinion of how things happened. Just ensure that you’re telling them that you’re recording at the time. If you have anyone in the car who can attest to the driving conditions at the time, make sure you stay in contact with them. Have them outline exactly what happened relatively soon after the accident. It can be hard to remember the exact events when weeks or months have passed into your claim. Even if a witness didn’t see the accident themselves, they may be able to provide information that’s important to getting compensation. For instance, they may have seen the other driver blow through a red light.  

Police Reports 

After obtaining your police report, you also want to ensure that all of the information on it is accurate. If the police have made a mistake in their report it can give the insurance companies a reason to capitalize on the disinformation and deny your claim. Look for areas that mention the number of people injured, and involved in the accident. If you notice any errors in the police report itself, or you’re looking for them, you can always hire an attorney to review it more thoroughly. Often police reports contain language that the general public isn’t aware of, and a lawyer can work you through the report. 

Doctors Assessments 

It’s important to keep all evidence related to obtaining a medical examination immediately after an accident. If you or anyone in the vehicle was injured in the accident you should immediately seek an assessment from a physician. Keep all documents related to your time of visit, the date, and any findings the doctor may have had. If you don’t go to the physician after the accident insurance companies may attempt to claim you could have sustained those injuries afterward. Insurance companies are ruthless and they’re trying to run a business, they aren’t going to act in your best interests. 

If you’re attempting to build a case for an auto insurance claim, you might need the help of an attorney. A law professional can offer both their insight and experience in assisting you with proving your case. Keep track of all your documentation and store it in one area so you don’t lose track of anything. The more organized you stay and the more evidence that you gather, the more likely that your claim will be approved.