5 Appliances For Coffee Lovers That Are Worth Investing In

For many of us, coffee is an absolute essential part of our daily lives. While there are 79% of us like to prepare our own coffee at home, we are not satisfied with a cup of instant coffee. These days, even at home, we want coffee shop quality brews. To achieve this there are a huge number of useful gizmos and gadgets for all aspiring home baristas. 

Here are five appliances for coffee lovers that are worth investing in:

1. Coffee Grinder

The coffee grinder or เครื่องบดกาแฟ is a secret weapon to getting the most of your beans is to grind your beans “to order”. Many baristas swear that a quality grinder is the most important tool of their trade. A good grinder will improve the flavor and aroma of your coffee. Once you start grinding your own beans, you will never be able to go back to pre ground coffee. Whether you are making an espresso or a french press, the amount of coffee needed will vary, and some grinders can automatically calculate the required dose. The size of the grind is also a key factor that most people overlook, but different kinds of coffee need different grind sizes and all quality grinders have adjustable settings so you can select the right grind size for your brewer. By paying close attention to your grinder settings and tasting the resulting cup, you will be able to make adjustments to your grinder, enabling you to standardize the process. Before you know it, you will have a grind formula for the perfect cup of coffee every time.

2. Home Coffee Machine


Investing in a quality home coffee machine will enable you to make coffee shop standard brews in your own kitchen. Home coffee machines have built in grinders with various grind settings, enormous water reservoir capacities, and lightning quick boilers. There’s a huge range of home coffee machines and you can browse this page to check out some of the different models available. Super advanced machines can cost thousands of dollars so decide on your budget and do lots of research before you make your decision. High-tech home coffee machines can make any type of coffee at the push of a button, so whether you are in the mood for a latte or an americano, a home coffee machine can deliver. 

3. A USB heated mug 

Once you have made the perfect cup of coffee at home, the worst thing that could happen is that you don’t have time to drink it. Luckily, if you invest in a quality mug that can be heated through a USB port, you can keep your coffee hot on your drive to work and then plug it into your office laptop. Heated mugs come in all kinds of cool designs and colors so pick one that matches your personality and you will be the envy of all your friends and work colleagues. 

4. Coffee Brewer

A good coffee brewer can make all the difference between a good cup of coffee and a bad cup of coffee. The problem that most people find with instant coffee is that what it offers in speed and convenience does not make up for what is lost in flavor and aroma. A good coffee brewer can provide all the same convenience of instant coffee whilst delivering vastly superior flavor and aroma. There are many great brewers available online to suit any budget. Make sure you do your research, and you will be making a great investment that you can use for many years to come.

5. Single Cup Brewers

Single cup brewers have emerged as the must-have item for coffee lovers with 30% of Americans using one every single day to brew their own coffee. There are various types of single-serve brewers available, each of them with different functions and brewing capabilities. Before choosing a single cup brewer, make sure it is able to make the kind of coffee that you like to drink. If, for example, a quick espresso is your coffee of choice, then your money is better spent on a quality Moka Pot, but if it’s lattes and cappuccinos that you love, there are loads of single cup brewers to choose from.

We all love a good cup of coffee and with modern coffee appliances, it has never been easier to make our own cup in the comfort of our kitchens. As long as you have the right beans and the right equipment, home brewing is not only simple, but can be a lot of fun too. When choosing any coffee appliance, make sure you do your homework and check out customer reviews to find the best fit for you.