How Are High-Quality and Low-Quality CBD Oils Different?

People talk a lot about quality in the world of CBD. That’s because CBD is a supplement, and supplements aren’t FDA-regulated. However, the quality of CBD oil can actually extend far past the oil itself. If you choose a high-quality CBD oil, you’ll also receive higher quality in other areas. Here are a few of the ways you might notice things differently with high-quality CBD manufacturers versus low-quality CBD manufacturers.

Checkout Process

This is a fairly small feature, but it’s an important one if you’re hoping to buy your CBD oil online. You want a checkout process that’s going to be easy to go through over and over again so you can maintain your CBD routine. A more high-quality CBD oil manufacturer is going to invest more money and energy into creating a simpler checkout process.

Variety of Products

As a CBD oil manufacturer starts to become more well-respected, it becomes more likely that the manufacturer will be able to expand its reach. That’s when you’ll start to see the company expanding from its roots. For example, you might see a manufacturer start to offer CBD gummies, CBD capsules, and more on top of just CBD oil.

Delivery Time and Quality

When a CBD oil manufacturer is lower-quality, that typically means it’s only interested in making money. To increase the profit margins, many low-quality manufacturers will send products through equally low-quality shipping options. That may mean it takes a long time for your CBD to get to you, and when it does, you might find more issues with the packaging and delivery method.

Packaging of the Product

You want a high-quality product packaging. This might seem small, but the packaging of the product actually has a significant impact on how it gets to your door. Especially when you’re purchasing online, you want to be sure that you’ll receive your product in its entirety and in a complete package that maintains its quality. A high-quality manufacturer will be more willing to invest in this.

Efficacy of CBD

If you get a low-quality CBD product, you’ll almost certainly end up with a CBD product that isn’t as efficient as a product with the same label from a high-quality CBD manufacturer. That’s because high-quality CBD manufacturers keep an eye on the process from the very beginning to the very end, whereas low-quality CBD manufacturers are more likely to include filler and degraded materials.

The Strength You Chose

CBD comes in many different strengths. Charlotte’s Web’s CBD, for example, comes in strengths ranging from 7mg/ml to 60mg/ml. You want to know you’re actually getting the strength you chose when you first purchased your CBD. One of the most evident issues with supplements is that it’s common for people to receive a strength much less than the one they believe they’re receiving, which is why you need to commit to only purchasing high-quality CBD that will maintain the right strength.

Contaminants and Other Issues

This is the thing that can most easily lead to problems. Although low-quality CBD oil can cause problems if you think you’re getting more CBD than you’re actually getting, that’s mostly just going to impact your wallet. However, a low-quality CBD manufacturer may decide to cut corners where it really counts, potentially introducing foreign contaminants into your CBD. You need to not just ask “What is CBD oil,” but ask, “What is in your CBD oil?”


Maintaining a high-quality CBD routine is crucial if you want to get benefits out of your CBD. It’s not enough to just buy the lowest-priced CBD oil you can possibly find. You need a high-quality CBD oil if you’re going to get the most out of your CBD. That’s why Charlotte’s Web makes sure you only receive the best CBD oil. Don’t go for any CBD oil that isn’t the best possible option: stick to Charlotte’s Web.