Best Places to Travel for Easter

Easter is just around the corner and we know that some people have already started saving for it. While others are planning to spend it at home with loved ones, some are planning on traveling. We recommend the latter, as it allows you to free your mind and relax as you see new places.

You also get to explore a new culture and learn a new language, if you have the time. In this post, we share a few best places to travel this easter. Make sure that you carry your smartphone so that you can take some great pictures for your Instagram, as well as play your favorite online casinos nz games as you chill by the beach or pool.

Marrakech, Morocco

We consider this to be one of the best places to visit on easter. This is because the temperature is close to perfect, (around 18 degrees). This means that you will get to see the almond blossom in full bloom, which is quite a sight if you ask us. Because of the temperatures, it means that the days are cooler, which means you can go around the city, exploring the colorful souks, as well as the city’s atmospheric medina.

You can stay as the Manadrin Oriental Marrakech which features some landscaped gardens. It also has its very own olive groves and has a backdrop of the Atlas Mountains. There are also some really luxurious suites and villas where you can spend your real money pokies jackpot at.

Sabah, Borneo

Around easter, Borneo is between two monsoon seasons, which makes it one of the most appropriate time to visit. You will be able to have a good time exploring the rainforest or, if you prefer, you can take a boat to any of the available islands. The dive sites here are considered to be among the best in the world. You can decide to stay at the Bunga Raya island resort, right in the midst of a rainforest.