5 Great Ways to Save Money on Memorial Day

Some people end up spending their hard-earned money on a vacation for Memorial Day, but they should think again!

It’s a much better idea to spend your three-day weekend being thrifty instead of splurging on indulgences. Memorial Day is a great time for getting together with your family and friends, not breaking the bank. We’ve put together these five great ways to save some money this Memorial Day, while still enjoying the break and having a fun and active weekend.

Stay Sober for the Weekend – Serve ‘Mocktails’

Most people gather together over Memorial Day weekend, and you can often find yourself mixing drink after drink for friends and family who are visiting. Cutting out alcohol is a great way to save money over the weekend, as well a save yourself from a sore head in the mornings.

‘Mocktails’ are like cocktails, but without the alcohol. They can be just as fun and flavorful as an alcoholic cocktail, but without the liquor, they are a lot cheaper to make – and kids can enjoy them too! If you are throwing a party, it is perfectly acceptable to tell your guests to BYOB or ‘bring their own bottles’. That way, guests that do want to enjoy a little alcohol at the gathering can do so if they want.

Cut Down on Food Costs – Make Your Party a Potluck

Hosting a potluck is a fun way to save money and give your guests a chance to showcase their favorite Memorial Day meals. You can keep your menu a mystery until the last minute by leaving your guests to bring whatever dish they wish, or you can have a few rules to make sure everybody doesn’t bring fried chicken!

It’s a good idea to give your guest some options, like bringing a dessert or snack food or something more substantial like a pot roast; leave it up to them. If you want to, you can be more specific and give your guests a list of dishes for them to choose from, kind of like a culinary registry.

There may be some guests who would rather not cook, and that’s okay; you can ask them to bring beverages or party food accessories like napkins, cups, and utensils.

Hit the Sales to Save on Memorial Day

When Memorial Day comes, so do the Memorial Day sales, and these provide a great opportunity to save hundreds, sometimes even thousands of dollars. Big sale events like Black Friday get a lot of coverage every year, but lots of savvy shoppers know that some of the biggest deals can be found on the Memorial Day weekend.

There are always good sales in main street stores and in the shopping malls, and a shopping trip like this can even make a good family outing: many families have a Memorial Day mall trip tradition. The biggest sales can be found online, however, like this site that offers excellent deals on mattresses.

Stay Local – Don’t Go on a Road Trip

One of the great things about the Memorial Day weekend is that no matter where you are in the United States of America, there is always a celebration happening nearby. There are likely to be dozens of organized events happening just a short distance from your front door.

These events are often family-friendly and free, and they make a great alternative to expensive trips to a theme park or the beach, and you won’t spend hours of your precious three-day weekend stuck in freeway gridlock. Check local listings and social media posts for events happening near you.

Don’t Vacate, ‘Stay-cate’

Going on a vacation weekend may sound tempting, but Memorial Day weekend is one of the most expensive times to travel all year.

Don’t get sucked in by vacation brochures or the lure of spending a weekend in a resort; the chances are, if you have a staycation instead of a vacation, you will have more fun for a lot less money. Don’t fill your weekend with the stress of travel – unwind at home and enjoy the celebrations!

Hopefully, our guide will help you save money this Memorial Day weekend, so you can avoid feeling blue when you look at your bank balance on Tuesday morning.