Essential Winter Driving Skills To Learn To Survive Slippery Montana Roads

The Montana Highway Patrol announced that fatal road incidents increased as  approximately 163 vehicle crashes took place in 2019. But the total number of fatal car accidents reached 181, with 25 incidents in Missoula. There are three more deaths compared to the reports in 2018. The fatal incidents also increased despite  Missoula’s community transportation plan that aimed to lessen traffic fatalities and injuries by 25 percent.

MHP Captain Kitchin also warned drivers that the harsh Montana winter could result in severe driving conditions. Because of this, citizens must remember these useful winter driving tips to avoid possible car accidents due to slippery roads.

Stock Up On Your Emergency Car Kit 

Load your vehicle with essential winter supplies like a snow shovel, ice scraper, and broom. These items can help you clear away the snow in case you get stuck. You must also stock up on blankets to protect you from the cold and bring extra food, water, and medicines if you plan to have a longer trip.

Upgrade Your Vehicle’s Winter Gear 

If you need to plow a  pile of snow on your driveway, a skid steer loader can do the trick. But to get the most out of your skid steer, you need to prep it in advance so you can use it throughout the winter season. You must also find the  best tracks for skid steers that can tolerate the icy roads. One of the first steps in preparing your skid steer is to fill it up with the right engine oil, hydraulic oil, coolant, and fuel meant for cold weather.

Enhance Your Visibility

Accidents on the road happen when drivers have a hard time seeing what lies ahead. So make sure you clear away all the ice and snow that accumulated on your dashboard, hood, and windows. If you have no daytime running lights, you need to switch on your headlights. If the snow barred you from running continuously on the road, you may clear off the additional snow in your exhaust pipe.

Practice Your Winter Driving Skills

Bring your car in a snow-covered parking lot before it gets sanded and plowed so you can do a test drive. Try to learn how your car feels while on an icy road. You should also try to practice how to use your brake on slippery pavement. If you have enough space, you may also try out your spinning and spin recovery skills. It will let you become more comfortable when you drive on the actual road.

Driving in the snowy Montana roads can get dangerous if you are not prepared. Some incidences can even turn fatal if you and your vehicle are not winter-ready.