Challenging Traditional Ways To Brew Coffee

For coffee lovers, that first whiff of coffee in the morning is enough to make the day a little more bearable. Every year, millions of people worldwide spend hundreds of dollars on various grinds and coffee makers. Different brewing methods are emerging every day; thus, coffee lovers have started experimenting more to get that perfect cup of coffee. While espresso machines are still widely used, especially by people with tight schedules, many have found that putting a new spin on low-cost methods does not only save money but also results in better, stronger coffee. If you are a fan of discovering new methods of brewing, then you have come to the right place. 

We have compiled a list of some less widely used methods that will give you your fix without any undue effort.

1. Stovetop Brewing

Espresso machines can be outlandishly expensive, so you might want to take a look at a less common method of brewing that gives you the same results. First, you will need a Moka pot, a grind that is coarser than the one used with espresso machines, some water, and a stove. What is great about this method is that it can be used anywhere. For camping trips, you can also get a portable wood burning stove to make the process more flexible and energy-efficient. However, the market is oversaturated with different models, so the expert review by Here On might be a good place to start. It goes into detail comparing different models; therefore, you will be able to find the model that best suits your needs.  However, a great stove is not the only thing you need; when it comes to stovetop brewing, you need to understand the mechanism of a Moka pot, as it uses pressure to give you strong, espresso-like coffee.

Just fill the bottom compartment with hot water, add coffee in the middle chamber, and watch the magic happen. The steam will push the water through the middle chamber towards the top. It is a cost-efficient method that can give you great coffee and does not require vigorous cleaning afterward.

2. The AeroPress Technique

Do not let the complicated look of an AeroPress intimidate you, because it is ridiculously easy to use. It is also versatile as it can give you standard coffee, cold brew, and even espresso-like coffee. To start, you need to wet the filter, and then add water and coffee in the AeroPress container. Leave it to steep a bit, and stir. Now, you need to push the plunger down to push the coffee through the filter and into your cup. The result will be a strong coffee that you can further dilute to your liking. A quick tip though: Do not use boiling water, instead use a medium/fine grind for the best outcome. The AeroPress is cheap, portable, and only takes 60 seconds to give you your cup of coffee; what is not to love?

3. The SoftBrew Method 

At first glance, the SoftBrew looks like a teapot, and it is somewhat similar. Its unique filter has many small holes that allow you to use any grinds, regardless of their size. You just need to fill the filter with coffee, pour some hot water over it, allow it to steep for 4 to 8 minutes, and voila! The resulting coffee will be full of flavor, just the way coffee lovers like it.

4. Coffee Bags

To coffee fanatics hell-bent on using traditional brewing methods, this may sound like blasphemy, but hear us out. We can all agree that instant coffee does not taste that good, so here is where coffee bags come into play. They are just as fast as instant coffee, but offer a richer, stronger taste. Coffee bags include ground coffee instead of the dissolvable variety. To use them, just put one in your cup, and pour some hot water. It is as easy as 1, 2, 3 if you are in a hurry. Besides, you can make your own coffee bags using a medium/fine grind and a few filters. 

Indubitably, coffee is a universal drink that just seems to change our mood for the better. Yet, getting that perfect cup of coffee can be both expensive and difficult. Therefore, it is time to turn to less common means of coffee brewing that will offer similar or even better results than your standard espresso machine. Do not be afraid to experiment with different grinds and methods until you find the best combination to cater to your preferences, and be sure to try one of the above methods to get your caffeine fix!