Tips for a More Serene Living Space


We all want to have a place to live that invites comfort, and makes us feel like it’s the perfect place to be to sit back and unwind. There are many contributing factors that can lead to more chaos than calm in our living space, and it’s not always possible to keep up with every one of them. 

However, if you’re looking to create a serene living space there are a few quick tips (reminders) you can follow to change the room entirely.

Limit Noise Production

There’s nothing more detrimental to a serene living space than a large amount of noise being produced within the household. If you’re having trouble relaxing, focusing, and you’re getting a headache, it sounds like it’s time to reduce the sound in your home. The experts at say that some appliances can just be too noisy. These loud machines used for a variety of purposes contribute to chaos – and not calmness. If you’re in need of a quieter home, it’s time to switch out some of your loud appliances to quieter ones.

Use Calm Color Coordination

If you’re attempting to orchestrate your own composed, and easy going atmosphere, try switching up the color coordination in your room. A bland link can leave you feeling down and with less energy, while calm colors can provide a relaxed feeling. Bare-white walls don’t do much aside from make you like something’s missing. Having a complexion of varying browns, or terracotta colors can give a more “homey” vibe, and make you want to pick up a good book and curl up on the couch. This method does take a bit of labor, but we’re all due for a little color change every once in a while.

Reduce Clutter and Organize

Seeing a pile of dirty clothes, along with the kids’ toys everywhere, and miscellaneous items hanging about is sure to limit how serene your living space can be. Tackle some of the clutter in the living room and potentially work on creating a better organizational system. There are plenty of ideas on the internet when it comes to being organized in a concise way without taking up too much space.

Limit Media Distractions

Almost everyone I know has a television in their bedroom, and this can impact your ability to have some peace and quiet. If there’s a T.V. In almost every room, the odds increase that people are going to use them more frequently. Having a bunch of televisions around the house does not contribute to a composed feeling. Having one in the bedroom can negatively impact your sleep, and you’ll be more tempted to use it in these instances. Limit the media distractions you have to create the space that you want.

Proper Lighting Is Key

Blinding lights can be annoying, and may not compliment the complexion of your living space effectively. Try to limit the amount of artificial light you utilize during the day, and allow the glow of natural light to fall over the room. This will create a more natural and creative vibe, and will achieve the results that you want to. Proper lighting also plays a role in other living spaces as well, such as the bedroom. If you’re not an early riser, black out curtains are going to assist in developing a better feel for you.

Plants Are Important Too

People who have more plants in their home and more likely to be calm, according to science. They also happen to look pretty nice and offer a unique aesthetic in their own way, you can get as creative as you desire depending upon what sort of plants you want to introduce into your house. Even if you don’t think you have a green thumb for this kind of accessory, there are plenty of learning tools you can read up on the internet to assist you. Trust me, most plants are a lot lower upkeep than you would expect.

Be Mindful With Art

Abstract art that promotes mindfulness and offers the living space a focus can be of interest to those wanting a more serene room. There are many examples to choose from and it doesn’t end up being the most expensive option when this is your goal. Just be cautious with the amount of wall pieces that you choose to use, an excessive amount can do the opposite and contribute to the chaos of the room

If you’re looking to create a space that’s just for you and your family to relax in, focus on reducing the amount of noise in the household. Changing up the color scheme, and overhauling on organization is also vital to altering the vibe. Make the lighting in the living space work for you, and try and limit media distractions. Both mindful art pieces and plants can contribute to creating a serene space.