Every Home Needs Protection, Are You Protected?

Home is where you should feel the most secure, and one would hope that that feeling of warmth and security is extended to your loved ones. However, things can get rocky and sometimes faith in the neighborhood – no matter how tight the community may be – begins to crack, and you would prefer to provide a bit of extra assurance that your home is a well-protected beacon of light. While no one should entertain paranoid visions of life, it does pay to make sure that your home is as sheltered as it can be. 

The following are a few things every home need to feel protected. 

Secure Doors

This should be an obvious point. However, you can look into adding an extra measure of security, just in case. Inspect all exterior doors to ensure that the frames are strong, and the hinges are protected. Then, reinforce things by either installing a deadbolt, upgrading to a smart lock, or even boosting security with a high-tech video version of a doorbell so you always know who’s knocking on your door. If you’re situated in a hurricane- or storm-prone area, you may consider upgrading your doors to durable hurricane doors.

Home Insurance

Health insurance and even life insurance sometimes seem as more of a necessity to people more often than home insurance, which is odd. In reality, purchasing a good home insurance policy is the best way to protect both your home and its contents should anything happen, be it damage due to a hurricane or a thief stealing all your electronics. Experts trust the advice from Beacon Point Insurance about the importance of securing a policy that best suits your needs and budget. There are even plans that can cover the medical costs of someone being injured in your home or on your property – taking the time to research your options will ensure that you find out what is best for you and your family.

Sealed Windows

This again may seem to be a rather obvious point, but windows are also a very easy entry point for thieves and it makes sense to reinforce them if possible. Check the window latches and if they don’t seem secure enough, invest in locks or roller shutters Melbourne. You can also reinforce them with security film and install glass break sensors so that you are quickly alerted if something has gone amiss.

Home Security System

It is typically recommended that every home have a security system of some kind installed, preferably one with security cameras. Decades ago this sort of thing would have priced out most everyone, but there are now security options available for every budget. And you should choose a system that will not only help prevent a burglary, but will also include smoke and carbon monoxide monitoring. The latter is especially harmful, and a silent weapon that has taken many lives, so keep your home safe by guarding it against carbon monoxide.

Password Protected Wi-Fi Network

Nowadays, if someone wants to rob you blind, he or she will not have to show up to your house at all. Your wireless network is the pathway to all your personal and financial information which could easily give criminals direct access to your home and everything you own. To protect yourself, you should secure your wireless router, enable WPA and WPA2 encryption, use a firewall, and always make sure that your passwords are unique and strong.

A Safe

Another extra step that can be taken is buying a safe in which you can deposit all your valuables, including jewelry, passports, money, and so one. You will want the safe to be fire-resistant, waterproof, and heavy enough that someone can’t walk away with it. You should also try to find a safe with two locks rather than one, and decide if you want it to be slightly more portable – even if it is heavy – or anchored to make it truly impossible for it to ever move. 

Bright Lights

Light is a kind of “disinfectant” in that it makes everything crystal clear. This is why vandals and burglars dislike it so much and will avoid doing their work in brightly lit places. Keep them at bay with a well-lit home, placing lights around your front and back yards, along pathways, near the garage, and so on. This will serve the added purpose of not causing you or your loved ones slipping down the stairs in the dark.

Safeguarding your home may be less entertaining and outwardly rewarding than, say, redecorating your home. However, the peace of mind you will have gained is priceless and completely worth the effort.