What Boomtown is Doing to Support the Online Bingo, Casino and Slots Industry

The world of online betting grows more prominent with each day, but not every newly launched website is legit, and some of them have a hidden agenda. Probably this happened to you or someone you know and lost some money to this type of website. Luckily for you, Boomtown can change help to that.

Boomtown Bingo loves the world of online betting, they are trying to make this world a better one. That’s why their goal is to check online betting websites and give you an honest opinion about them. Also, they have offers and discounts available, you can find only through their website. If you still have some unanswered questions, then you should definitely check their website for more information.

Each month they select some favorites, and they list the betting sites on their front page. In most cases, they are accompanied by sign up bonuses and discounts.

The secret to why they manage to offer these discounts is they list only the websites launched this year. On their website, you will not find a betting site for older than 12 months. Like many newly launched betting websites, they are trying to attract new users, which is why they offer these sign-up bonuses. Boomtown passes this information on to you.

But how are they helping the online bingo, casino and slots industry? To answer this question is easy, because they are vetting the websites before publishing them on their page, they check if they are actually paying the winners or are they just scammers. This process is really useful for both the users and the websites, because the trust goes both ways.

The problem is that there are now so many betting websites in the online world, websites with the only purpose or goal being to scam you. Boomtown is making sure that its users and members are able to avoid these sites.

Besides the discounts you can get by using the Boomtown website, you could also find useful information and legitimate ways you can actually make money from honest betting websites.

Because they focus on the newly launched websites, they are helping the industry to become competitive, by giving new sites a chance to reach a wider audience and gain some trust which is a crucial issue if you are new in the game.

Boomtown is also beneficial for new or inexperienced players who are excited to get into the online betting world, Boomtown will provide to you with enough information and trusted betting websites so you are able to gain some experience without losing any money. This is possible because on their website you can find free offers based on a free-spins model. This means that you would be able to pay a few rounds for free.

We recommend you to pay a visit to the Boomtown website and check their offer. Remember that each website listed there is vetted and can be trusted. Even if you are new to the online betting or you can call yourself a veteran, Boomtown can give you some sweet deals which I am sure you will appreciate.