5 Jobs That Will Have A Huge Impact On Others

If we follow Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, you will see that the need for self-actualization is at the peak. It denotes that it is the most important if not the greatest necessity for happiness. Self-actualization is the ability to be the best form of oneself, through the sense of fulfillment and purpose.

But how can we actually reach self-actualization? There are many ways to fulfill this need. Some people gain it by living in the now. Others, by fully knowing themselves. One particular way you can realize it is by following your own unique path that may be the career that you choose.

Your job not only gives you an income, but it can also give you a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction in life. Here are some careers that will give you purpose and that will have a huge impact on others.

Medical Doctor

As a doctor, you are regarded as someone who can save, or at least shed some light, on someone suffering from a disease. The ability and opportunity to take care of people will make you feel helpful and that can lead to a sense of fulfillment, especially when you help cure your patients.

This career also allows you to do humanitarian work by helping others who may desperately need it. There are many options for doctors, whether it is at a general medical office, an ER or urgent care, specialized treatment facility, or in an operation room. You will just need to decide that place that feels best to you.


There is a reason why people call teaching the most noble profession in the world. They are capable of changing the world through honing and developing the minds and character of youth. These people change the lives of their students. Some of these students may only get encouragement at school from their teacher.

Every profession, from a doctor, policeman, lawyer, or a farmer has been nurtured by a teacher. Most do not pursue teaching as a career looking for a high salary, instead, it is because they want to serve their community, the society, the young, and to pay it forward to the teachers they had before that inspired them.


Being a psychologist is more than just a job, it is a fulfilling career with a sense of purpose – to help people with invisible illnesses. The capability to help people who are dealing with challenges like anxiety, depression and other mental disorder is fulfilling. Not only do you get to lend your ears to hear their thoughts, but you gave them a chance to feel that someone can understand what they are going through.


A musician can move people’s hearts and that is enough to be a fulfilling endeavor. Through their music and lyrics, musicians are capable of creating feelings in other people. They can convey their emotions and bring back memories – whether it’s happy or painful. Not all musicians are only after fame. Fame for them is more of a bonus from the universe. They are more after their artistry and sharing their God-given talent to people.

Makeup Artist

The duties of a makeup artist may sound like a superficial effort, but their impact on people is deeper than you think. Makeup artists are capable of building up someone’s confidence. Confidence is hard to build and difficult to sustain. These artists can do magic and make people earn enough guts to face the world full of judgmental people. They find a sense of fulfillment when they see a smile on their client’s face while on their way to a special event, like their wedding day or prom.