The Last Hoorah: The Non-Traditional Guide to a Baby Shower for Grown-Ups

When you have a baby shower, it’s, of course, all about the baby… as it should be… but what if you used your baby shower as an ode to your life before the baby comes? I mean, you have to face it, when your baby comes, there will be lots of changes that will happen in your life, and life as you know it will never be the same.

As a bit of a last hoorah, why not be just a tad bit selfish? There’s nothing wrong with it either. Seriously. Once you have the baby, it’s going to be all about the baby, so use your baby shower as a way to celebrate. Whoever will be planning your baby shower, make sure they know about everything you want and the direction you want to go in.

There’s Nothing Wrong With Traditional Elements of a Baby Shower

Yes, this baby shower is going to be created with “grown folks” in mind, but it essentially wouldn’t be a true baby shower without a few of the traditional elements. For instance, you will, of course, want to have those adorable cakes made of diapers, but you’ll also want to make sure that you have the balloons and the games, and the cakes/cupcakes. The key thing here is to take those traditional elements and put a twist on them.

Let the Good Times Roll (Before the Baby Comes)

Hear me out, I’m not saying that it’s going to be bad times once the baby arrives… it will just be different. So grab your cups and say cheers to the baby boy or girl on the way… let’s celebrate!

Here’s the non-traditional guide to having a baby shower for grown-ups!


Traditionally, baby showers were meant for women only… but why was that? Who said that the husband or his friends couldn’t come? According to, baby showers are no longer just for women anymore.

It’s 2019 ladies, so invite your husband and his friends to come to the shower! He wouldn’t want to be the only guy there, plus, he did play a role in creating your child so he is probably just as excited as you are about having the baby, so let him celebrate too!


So, it’s common to have finger foods at a baby shower. Foods like mini sandwiches, meatballs, chips and dip, and that punch made of sherbert ice cream and ginger ale… save that for the next person’s baby shower. Remember this shower is made for grown-ups!

Do something different for food at your baby shower. For one, you probably don’t feel like cooking, and secondly, you want all your friends to enjoy the shower with you, not working your shower serving food. Hire a taco truck and have a taco bar. Your guests can go up and get tacos as they please.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to have a cocktail area. If it’s at your home or a friend’s house, you can have a drink area set up for people to make their own drinks! Sorry mom, you can opt for the sherbert ice cream punch.

Step Away From Traditional Music

Some people don’t even play music at baby showers, and let’s face it… no music at a party is like a pregnant woman wearing high heels… just flat-out uncomfortable! So why not play music that you and your guests will enjoy… remember, this celebration is for “grown-ups,” and the baby, of course!

Just think, once the baby comes, you may not be able to listen to the music you really like because you don’t want your little one picking up any bad words (depending on the type of music you like).

Play Games That No One Has Played

When it comes to baby showers, everyone has played just about every game under the sun. The toilet paper game, the diaper changing game, and the infamous (and equally disgusting) melted chocolate in the diaper game. Switch things up for your guest and make it fun.

Guests can play the chug-a-lug game, where you pour beer into baby bottles and the goal is to see who can drink all the beer from the bottle first. This game can also be played with any kind of juice for guests that don’t drink. The key here is to get creative. Put on your thinking caps and have a shower that all your friends will remember!

The Epic Shower of All Showers

Didn’t that sound like a baby shower that you’d want to attend! It’s definitely a shower that no one would get bored at! Just take everything in stride. Before you know it, you’ll be needing to figure out the right response for your crying baby and then you’ll soon be setting up play dates!

It’s a great joy to be a parent but it’s also important to remember that you’re an individual as well, so why not have a baby shower for the books! It will be one that you’ll never forget, and who says you can’t have fun while you’re pregnant!