Vaping Laws in Missoula Montana

As vaping continues to grow in popularity, various states and municipalities are expanding their laws and regulations that govern the entire scene. There have been debates on the health impacts of vaping and if it is actually a healthier substitute to cigarette smoking. A majority of the laws that are implemented on vaping around the world are mainly focused on protecting non-vapors from the effects of second hand smoke. Some of the laws are also to ensure that vapors only use well-tested and approved products that do not compromise their health. One of the municipalities that have made considerable effort in coming up with definitive laws on vaping is Missoula Montana.

Outdoor Vaping

The city council of Missoula has taken some rather bold steps in setting up laws to govern outdoor vaping. As with smoking, vaping in certain public places has been deemed illegal. Some of the areas in which vaping is outlawed include sports venues, playgrounds and various other areas around the municipality. There are however a number of designated smoking zones in which vapors can enjoy a puff without legal restrictions. The law was set in place to protect non-vapors from second hand vapor, which may cause discomfort or have certain health effects.

Vaping on Commercial Premises

Missoula city council handed much control to business owners regarding vaping on their respective premises. A business therefore reserves the rights to choose whether vaping is allowed on the property or otherwise. If a business decides to ban smoking on its premises, it would be required to build signs letting visitors know what is going on inside. They would also have to assume responsibility for low-level enforcements. This control of vaping on the property covers up to 25 feet of the commercial property. A fine of $100 is allowed for anyone that breaks the laws. However, no jail time is allowed as penalty for vaping on a prohibited area.

Indoor Vaping

Vaping doesn’t pose significant health effects to human beings. The dangers however increase with the concentration of the vaping juice and prolonged exposure to the vapor. Vaping indoors is therefore risky as it leaves people exposed to the vapor for a longer period. It is healthy to allow for airflow while vaping. Indoor vaping in public places is banned under the 1999 law that bans smoking indoors in various public spaces. The law was further expanded to prohibit vaping in places like taverns and bars. While this was in a bid to protect both vapors and non-vapors from the dangers of indoor vaping, it carried negative impacts to vape businesses.

Several e-cig store owners appealed to the city council to revise the law and modernize it. They argued that vaping was not as harmful as conventional cigars and that the municipality should allow residents to vape inside vape stores. They based their argument on the fact that vape device users needed to test the gadgets before actually purchasing the products. A meeting to determine if an exemption will be made for vape shops is scheduled for a later date.