8 Inspiring Films to Boost Your Studies


There are a lot of things which inspire us to think outside of the box and films are totally among them. From good movies, you can understand your life more: diced in which direction you should go or even find yourself. These are eight films which encourage you always to learn more.

1. Dead Poets Society
An iconic film with an excellent cast (Robin Williams, Robert Sean Leonard, Ethan Hawke) where a teacher of literature helps his students not only learn how to express their opinion but, first of all, how to respect yourself and gain confidence. He inspires students to change their lives though triggering interest in poetry and literature. The film was marked by the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay and has been one of the most inspirational movies for many years.


2. The Social Network
What can encourage you more to study than a story about the creation of Facebook? The tremendous success of this network has changed many lives, especially its founders. A young talent – Mark Zuckerberg comes up with a thought he needs to do something more than just special. He is a genius and a student at Harvard who is good at computer technology. So his knowledge helps the twin Winklevoss brothers in developing a Harvard exclusive networking website. But Mark’s view goes wider than Harvard… This biographical drama was directed by David Fincher and written by Aaron Sorkin which already says how awesome this film is.

3. Theory of Everything
Everybody knows a great and respected scientist Stephen Hawking. A legend, an astrophysicist and a cosmologist were known for his works about black holes and a best-seller «A brief history of time.» But what do you know about his personal life? This film will show you love and relationship between Stephen and his wife Jane, whom he met while studying at Cambridge. A beautiful love story with its problems and challenges shows how big and pure devotion can be. It is a dramatic and exciting biopic, which won the Golden Globe Award and was nominated for Oscar.

4. Forrest Gump
A dramatic film based on Winston Groom’s novel of the same name tells us about the fascinating life of a guy named Forrest Gump. Little Forrest lives with his mother in a small town in Alabama. He is slow-witted, and it is hard to make friends with other children, so his mother has to make a lot of efforts Forrest to be taken to a regular school. There the little boy is constantly bullied by peers, but it helps him to learn how to run very fast. Besides, it gave him an opportunity to become a student and a stunning footballer. After graduation, Forrest goes to the army and gets on the war in Vietnam. It is a story about kind-hearted, but a mentally defective man who has never moaned or complained about his life. There is a reason this film is among top 10 inspirational movies.


5. Mona Lisa Smile Katherine
Ann Watson (Julia Roberts), a graduate of Berkeley, receives the position of an art history teacher at Wellesley College, a conservative private college. She is ambitious and progressive, but nor all agree with her liberal view. With passionate enthusiasm, the new teacher rushes into a struggle for women liberation and has a huge impact on the female students, forcing them to take a fresh look on a role of women in this world.

6. The School of Rock
Not only serious and dramatic picture can be among educational movies. “School of Rock” is a comedy about a desperate musician who decides to become a teacher and settles in an elite children’s school. With the help of his students, Dewey Finn tries to bring back the days of glory and at the same time to develop their talents in music. It seems like everything is fine, but the main character is a real rocker, so it’s not exactly his style to conduct monotonous lessons. And this is where the fun begins.

7. The Ron Clark Story
For several years the main character, Ron Clark, has been lived in a provincial town in North Carolina. He is a young school teacher who inspires students not to be afraid of dreaming and set goals, even if they seem unreachable. Thus he decides to move to New York and start teaching in a more prestigious school. However, Big Apple isn’t so welcoming for Ron. Nobody wants to give him a job, but after several tries, he finally founds something where he can use his innovative teaching methods. And it’s not the best school in the city. There are plenty of trouble students from disadvantaged families. They don’t want to talk, collaborate or write any assignments, what would be easier if they had Edu Birdie. So what Ron Clark is he going to do: give up or try to seek understanding?

8. Good Will Hunting
Will Hunting is a young twenty-years-old guy, who lives in a small apartment in South Boston and works as a janitor at MIT. He balls out with his friends and is often got into fights. Once, one of the professors posts a difficult math problem and challenges his students. And what a surprise it was when he discovered that a janitor solved this problem. Here begins a story about trust and friendship between a student and his mentor. This film definitely deserves to be among study motivation movies.


So, if you lost interest or motivation, find a film that will make you think differently and look at your life from another side. Maybe it was something you have missed.

Authors bio: Nicolas Walker is a professional writer who has already found his vocation. When he studied at Golden Gate University, he realized he wants to be a writer. It was not an easy way, but after several ups and downs, he finally achieved what he wanted. Now he works at EduBirdie and inspires not only films but also for his job.