How to Get Your Kids to Drink More Water at School

It amazing how people cannot live without water but cannot live in the water like how the fish do. Plain water is actually boring but people need it fresh and clean at regular intervals during the day.

Children need the adults to keep urging them to take more water during the day. The youngsters usually forget the importance of putting their health first when they are far away from their home. School is the place where children spend most of the hours during the day and water is not a priority unless they are very thirsty. Encouragement should be given to kids to take water often during the course of the day. This should be done on daily basis but that might not be enough.

Flavor it up

Make the water more delicious by flavoring it up. You can add Iced cherries to your water (that also helps to keep the water much colder), mint or lemon juice is also very good. If your children prefer sugary beverages, substitute with flavoured water you make instead. Homemade Fruit flavored water is healthier.

Bubbles and fancy ice blocks can also drive kids to drink more water. Fancy Ice blocks can be in form of favorite cartoon characters. Sparkling water can also be a tastier option for your kids. Freeze at home and give your kids some to take home and leave some in the car or office for yourself. You too need to take water. Taking water for yourself can help kids learn from yours.

There’s an App for Keeping Track of Your kid’s Water Consumption During the Day

Seems like the world is Appy now, everything has an application now. There is even an App that turns your phone into real money online casinos where you can engage with betting sports and play the top casino games online.

The Daily Water Application keeps a track of your water consumption. On the App, you can schedule a reminder that will notify you that its drinking-water time. Therefore if your child has a smartphone you can set up the App for them. The App can be set to help you and your family measure up how much water you are taking in the year.