Rocket Mass Heaters: The Absurdly Efficient, Cheap, and Comfortable Way to Heat Your Home


2022 Update:

When this post was first published, we were launching a Kickstarter Campaign to fund the production of some training videos about Rocket Mass Heaters.
That campaign was a success and now you can learn all about this ingenious way to heat your home with wood heat!

Options for purchase include DVDs or Instant Online Access.


Here’s the original post from 2016 – with all the great background on Rocket Mass Heaters and why they are an excellent choice for heating your home with wood.


My newest Kickstarter campaign is finally underway! We are hoping to fund the production of four more DIY DVD’s about Rocket Mass Heaters! Lemme tell ya, hopes are high because it has reached over a 1/3 of its campaign goal with 190 backers in just two days! Wow! If we pull this off, it will be the fifth crowdfunding campaign I have completed. Our ultimate goal is to pull together $42,000 by March 16th, 2015 and infect as many brains with rocket mass heater knowledge as possible! It has already received a screamin’ welcome from heaps of people who are wanting to adopt a sustainable and efficient way to heat their homes, and quite frankly, save the world.

ksimageSo what’s the big deal? Well, Rocket Mass Heaters are one of the most sustainable and affordable heat sources in the world! This unique system emits less than one-tenth of greenhouse gases and only uses one-tenth the wood that conventional stoves use! So, that’s the big deal. Freaky cheap heat that doesn’t damage the environment. In addition, if you want other heating options, then you may consider getting Dyna Glo Heating System along with Dyna Glo Heater Parts.

Now, for the whole how it works part. Basically, rocket mass heaters are a mix of modern science and knowledge from hundreds of years ago. It begins by creating a bunch of smoke in the barrel, and then burns that smoke so no one has to smell it! Then, the heat is captured from the exhaust, and is then held in a mass to hold the heat for days. If you still have no idea how the heck this works, you can click here.


Two years ago I did a kickstarter for DVDs of a rocket mass heater workshop! Interest was far greater than I expected. It raised over five times the minimum goal. MASSIVE! Wow! So my friends and I carefully collected a lot more footage and we focused on much higher video and sound quality. So, all we need now, are funds to cover the production costs of putting the DVDs together! It’s expensive stuff.

tipi-olenkaViewers will get an insider view of three workshops, one Innovators event, and the building of ten different types of Rocket Mass Heaters! The DVDs will cover cob-style rocket mass heaters, pebble-style rocket mass heaters, shippable cores, and even the rocket mass heater innovators event I hosted out at my land.

As more and more people learn how simple, efficient, and eco-friendly the rocket mass heaters are, the faster the world will begin moving, scratch that, sprinting in the right direction towards saving this beautiful earth we inhabit.

Be part of this world-changing innovation by sharing this information everywhere you can possibly think up! Help bring a valuable resource to the good people that want to save the world and heat their home simultaneously!



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Most recently, he has worked with rocket mass heater experts Ernie and Erica in developing a DVD set on making your own rocket mass heater, and has produced another video series on permaculture gardening, which detail how to use hugelkultur, swales, and natural ponds to capture and utilize water without irrigation. His recent work with natural buildings based on Mike Oehler’s designs have resulted in the creation of the Wofati, a semi-underground natural home design.

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