A Delicious Way to support the Mothers’ Milk Bank of Montana


Mother’s Milk Bank of Montana (headquartered right here in Missoula) is proud to be the featured non-profit of  Liquid Planet’s ‘A Cuppa Community Project’ this month. We’ve partnered with them to create a truly decadent drink just for you to benefit the milk bank! For the ENTIRE month of January, $1.00 of every salted caramel steamer (AKA: Liquid Gold) sold at Liquid Planet in downtown Missoula goes directly to the milk bank. If you live in the Missoula area (or are just passing through) please stop in and lend your support. Liquid Gold will warm your heart, soul and a baby’s belly!

IT’S SO EASY (and delicious!)

1. Stop by Liquid Planet in downtown Missoula anytime during the month of January (223 N. Higgins Ave.)

2. Order a salted caramel steamer – with or without caffeine (AKA: Liquid Gold)

3. Enjoy! You are now sipping on a delicious beverage while simultaneously supporting the milk bank (it’s THAT easy to make a giant difference in a tiny life!)

Special thanks Liquid Planet for partnering with us this month! We are honored and excited to be a part of your Cuppa Community Project.

To learn more about Liquid Planet’s A Cuppa Community Project, click here.




 Don’t live in Missoula, but still interested in supporting the milk bank? Visit our donate page to see how you can help.