The Benefits of a Water Softener

Hard water is the most common water problem in America. Over 80% of the nation’s households have hard water. Although hard water isn’t an immediate problem, over the long term, hard water can make you spend more on repairs, maintenance and energy. Water picks up ‘hardness’ when it travels through the ground collecting minerals like calcium and magnesium along the way.

Your dishes get cleaner

With a water softener your dishes don’t come out of the dishwasher with the buildup that hard water leaves behind. Water softeners leave behind no buildup so dishes and glassware are much more shiny and clean. People with hard water  often see dishes come out of the dishwasher with white spots and streaks. Some people will spend extra money on rinsing agents to reduce this.

Your skin improves

When a water softener is used you will feel a difference. Your skin is softer, cleaner and more smooth. Soft water also improves the cleanliness of your hair too. Because soft water doesn’t have as much hard minerals, they don’t leave deposits on your skin or your hair. Additionally hard water makes rinsing your skin and hair more difficult.

Water Softener reduces soap curd

Because the soap curd is reduced your cleaning time is reduced. Soap curd is caused when by calcium and magnesium react with the soap in your water. This type of reaction is what causes the ring around the bathtub.


Soft water makes your soaps lather more quickly

Soft water makes it much easier for soap to lather faster. Because of this you don’t have to use as much soap to get a lather compared to with hard water. The usage of your soaps can be reduced by half with soft water. This is another way soft water can save you money.

Your clothes are softer

Your clothes and fabrics become softer. When hard water is used to wash cloths minerals get trapped inside the fabric, making them stiff.

You use less detergent

Just like above, when you are doing laundry you don’t have to use as much soap with a water softener either. If you have soft water, you only need to use half of the soap that is recommended for cleaning your clothes and dishes. Plus, you don’t need to use fabric softeners either!

Your water using appliances last longer

Here is a very important reason to have a water softener. With soft water your appliances last longer because there is less mineral buildup compared to an appliance that uses hard water. A water heater’s life will be prolonged as hard water buildup is the leading cause of breakdown. You wont have to clean your pipes and hoses on appliances like dishwashers and ice makers as much either. Even your coffee maker’s life will be prolonged because of less buildup.

Soft Water heats quicker

Soft water heats up 22% quicker according to the Virginia Cooperative Extension. With faster heat acceleration, you can save money on energy costs.

There are so many long term benefits to getting a water softener. You save money and you improve the quality of your life while doing so. Kinetico is the leading provider of waters softeners in Missoula. If you have any more questions, we would be happy to answer them. Just give us a call at 406-728-6400.