New Fireline Grill Opens at Splash Montana

Splash Montana is proud to announce the grand opening of the Fireline Grill, the waterpark’s new mobile kitchen.  The Fireline Grill joins the Crazy Creek Café to offer fresh, restaurant-quality food options to guests at Splash Montana and in Playfair Park. The Grill’s grand opening celebration, which continues through August 8, includes free samples throughout the day and $1 tacos.

The Fireline Grill is a great spot for a family dinner and swim, especially with Splash Montana’s reduced admission fees after 5 p.m.  The Fireline Grill and Crazy Creek Café also offer park side service at the walk-up service window in Playfair Park, on the north side of Splash Montana, near the tennis courts.

The Grill serves a wide variety of hot, freshly prepared dishes, like tacos, burgers, chicken, burritos, noodle boxes, quesadillas and more. Each entrée is made to order, and all bread products come from Wheat Montana.

Fireline GrillThe Fireline menu offers something for all tastes. The Asian-inspired noodle boxes, with your choice of teriyaki or szechuan sauce, include authentic yakisoba noodles, fresh vegetables and chicken if desired.  The beef, chicken and fish tacos are prepared “street-vendor” style, with a soft corn tortilla and your choice of toppings. Fish tacos feature wild Alaskan cod, lightly breaded; plus fresh cabbage, tomatoes and Fireline Grill zesty white sauce.  For more traditional tastes, the Fireline Grill offers gourmet burgers, veggie burgers, crispy chicken sandwiches and much more.  Meat lovers might want to try the “Oinker” a crispy grilled cheese with bacon and ham—it’s not your kid’s grilled cheese sandwich!

The Grill is open at Splash Montana daily throughout the summer.  At other times of the year, it can travel to special events throughout the community, like Parks and Recreation events, sports tournaments and festivals. Like all Parks and Recreation enterprises, the Fireline Grill is a non-profit operation and is offered as a service to the community.  For more information, visit

Fireline Grill Menu highlights:

  • Delicious beef chili is made from scratch with freshest ingredients.
  • Authentic tex-mex style salsa is made fresh daily.
  • Noodle boxes feature authentic yakisoba noodles, fresh broccoli, cabbage, carrots and chicken if desired.
  • Gourmet burgers are made fresh daily, are never frozen, and feature your choice of cheese, veggies and bacon.
  • Fresh and hearty burritos include your choice of popular burrito fillings in an extra-large tortilla.
  • Tacos feature the freshest ingredients wrapped in a soft corn tortilla.  Fish tacos feature wild Alaskan cod, lightly breaded, fresh cabbage, tomatoes and Fireline Grill zesty white sauce.

The Fireline Grill has something for every taste—including taco salad, fish and chips, chili cheese fries, chicken strips, quesadillas, grilled cheese and much more.