Missoula City Cemetery Presents Stories and Stones Historical Tour Oct 27

One of Missoula’s oldest cemeteries presents an afternoon of history coming to life through the stories of individuals from Missoula’s past.  This is the Missoula City Cemetery’s eleventh year of this popular event for all ages.

Missoula City Cemetery is proud to feature exciting new stories for this year’s tour:

  • Gayle Morrison, author of the newly released book “Hog’s Exit,” will tell the story of Jerry “Hog” Daniels.  Jerry was a smokejumper turned CIA operative who orchestrated the secret air evacuations of hundreds of Hmong refugees.  He died mysteriously in Bangkok in 1982 at 40.
  • Municipal Judge Wallace Clark was known for his unique form of justice and interpretation of the law.  He was charitable to anyone down on his luck and hard on anyone needing a good reprimand, and he always included a preamble of the defendant’s family history before delivering his often creative sentences.
  • The Wilma Theatre’s ornate architecture and colorful past keep this historic landmark alive.  Local filmmaker/writer Andy Smetanka takes you back to the days of architect H.E. Kirkemo, pigeon-loving eccentric Ed Sharp, the fabulous Wilma Sisters and larger-than-life Old West entrepreneur W. A. “Billy” Simons. Learn what’s really lurking in the basement of Montana’s finest movie theater.
  • Missoula’s Greek, Jewish and Norwegian families convey stories of some of their ancestors who came to this new country seeking religious, monetary and individual freedoms.  Hear about the ties and customs that continue to bind those “communities within a community.”
  • A monument dedication for Frank Davey, the owner of Garnet, Montana, will be sponsored by the Garnet Preservation Association at noon on the Davey gravesite.  Then participants can listen to the women of Garnet gossip about the town as they sit down to their afternoon tea social.
Edward Bonner Tombstone.

Edward Bonner headstone.

Do you know that at the Missoula City Cemetery you will also discover…

  • Where you can experience first hand the life of a homesteader right here in the city?
  •  Who opened the first car dealership in Missoula?
  • Which French-Canadian family held a prominent role in the local economy of the Missoula area?
  • Whose name is synonymous with the intricate architectural design in Missoula?
  • Which laundress was murdered by her husband?
  • These stories and so much more!

Volunteers will tell up to 50 stories.  Visitors will be treated to live music, food and fun.  Come see individuals dressed in times of old as they capture your imagination by reenacting people of our past.  Enjoy food and music to make this a perfect fall afternoon event.  Admission is FREE!  The event is sponsored through your generous donations.