May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

As warm weather leads to dry roads, motorcyclists are taking advantage of the perfect conditions for spring riding. The Missoula Police Department encourages all motorists to brush up on the rules of the road in honor of May being Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.
“Responsibility goes both ways,” says Missoula Police Department Sgt. Greg Amundsen.
Motorcyclists should make themselves visible to other vehicle drivers by wearing bright protective clothing, wear an approved helmet and be aware of other motorists’ blind spots. Car, truck and SUV drivers should thoroughly check their blind spots, give motorcycles a wide berth when possible and practice other responsible behaviors like avoiding distracted driving.
Motorcyclists –
  • Be as visible as possible by wearing reflective materials, keeping your headlight on day and night and flashing your brake light when slowing down.
  • Dress for safety by always wearing an approved helmet and eye protection, wearing long sleeves and long pants and gloves and choosing over-the-ankle boots.
  • Stay aware by constantly scanning the road, riding in the left part of the lane where you are most visible and signaling your next moves well in advance.
All Motorists
  • Be as cautious as possible by double-checking any blind spots, always using your turn signals and avoiding sudden stops.
  • NEVER drive while under the influence of drugs, alcohol or anything else that impairs your physical or mental ability to operate a vehicle.
  • Pledge to end distracted driving behaviors by not texting, checking e-mail, eating, grooming or engaging in any other activity that takes your eyes off the road, hands off the wheel or mind off driving.
“The Missoula Police Department hopes that motorcyclists and all other drivers will follow these safety tips to make driving and riding safer for all users of our public streets during the warm-weather riding season,” Sgt. Amundsen said.