PLONK Opens its Doors to the Missoula Community

A new Missoula cocktail Lounge, wine bar and restaurant, Plonk will officially open its doors Friday, March 29 in the old Army Navy Store location at 322 North Higgins in Downtown Missoula. Twenty percent of the entire opening week’s sales will be donated to Watson children’s Shelter.

Plonk welcomes the Missoula community to an excursion of fine wine, food and cocktails. Merging elements of evolving culture, style, art, music and fashion, Plonk endeavors to create and all-encompassing dining experience. With and environment designed to engage the senses, the downtown establishment is a hip new concept blending quality and creativity.

Described as an urban hot spot dropped into the heart of the Missoula valley and lifestyle, Plonk embodies metropolitan personalities driven by Montana passions.

Plonk Opens In Downtown Missoula

Plonk has partnered with Watson Children’s Shelter and will donate a portion of all sales garnered opening week to the cause. Twenty cents of every dollar spent at Plonk March 29 through April 4 will be donated to help children in need. Watson Children’s Shelter is dedicated to providing a safe, nurturing environment for children who have experienced abuse, neglect, abandonment or family crisis.

We most graciously open our doors and arms to the Missoula community and hope to become members of a resurging downtown Missoula scene.  We are thrilled to share the experience of Plonk and to begin that experience by partnering with such a generous organization. Please help us write a HUGE check.

For more information about Watson Children’s Shelter please contact Fran M. Albrecht, Executive Director. 406-239-4582.