4 Tips For Getting a Job With A Missoula Non-Profit Agency

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Missoula is home to over 1,000 registered non-profits, including artistic organizations like Garden City Ballet, which puts on “The Nutcracker” each year, environmental protection groups like the Clark Fork Coalition, which works to protect our local watershed, and Camp Mak-A-Dream, a non-profit committed to providing cost-free camp experiences for children affected by cancer.

All of these organizations need dedicated and altruistic individuals to remain forces of positive influence in our community. While many Missoulians have found satisfying employment in the non-profit sector, other still hope to find that perfect job that allows them to serve their community. For those of you seeking work at a non-profit here are a few handy tips:

Researching a non-profit

Before you write your resume, be sure to do your research.

1. Research—Before applying for a job with a specific organization, check out their website and read their mission statement. This should give you a good idea about what kind of candidates the organization is looking for. You might also want to peruse any press releases or newspaper articles about the non-profit. After gaining knowledge about the organization you can write a more convincing résumé, highlighting how your skills and personality can benefit their organization and carry forth their unique mission.

2. Volunteer—If you are interested in a particular non-profit, it is good practice to volunteer your time with the organization. Volunteers gain an insider’s view of the group and show their commitment to the cause of the organization. You are more likely to receive a job offer if you are known within the association. Don’t forget to mention your volunteer experience in your résumé and cover letter!

3. Develop Technical Skills—At present, the need for technical skills is extremely high in the non-profit sector. If you have experience working with social media or website development highlight these experiences in your résumé! In addition, you may want to volunteer your time to set up a Facebook page for an organization or create flyers for fundraisers.

4. Consider Further Education—Competition for non-profit jobs is intense in today’s job market. If you have a specific non-profit area you want to work in, study at the graduate level in that field may give you the competitive edge. By completing a Master’s degree and interning with a non-profit while attending school, you make yourself more attractive to potential employers. 

Check out Make it Missoula’s list of non-profits. And good luck in finding that rewarding job!


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