Goodie Ville Restaurant & Bakery Sweetens Missoula with Gluten-Free and Vegan Menu


Kevin Myers is serious about cross-contamination. His new bakery and restaurant, Goodie Ville, is Missoula’s only 100 percent gluten-free eatery. Eliminating the risk of cross-contamination for customers with gluten sensitivities is his number one goal. Myers doesn’t allow employees to bring gluten on the premises.

“If there’s wheat in the kitchen, it’s in the air, so it’s impossible to isolate it.” Myers said. “People who are mildly intolerant may not even notice, other people can have reactions to it.”

After being forced to give up gluten and not liking the options available, Myers was inspired to start creating his own recipes. After moving to Montana from Arizona, he decided to set up a booth at the farmer’s market to see if there was a demand for gluten-free treats. He was surprised by not only the demand for gluten-free baked goods, but vegan items as well.

Ben Woods is one of three chefs at Goodie Ville bakery and restaurant. He has worked in other kitchens that try to do gluten-free and vegan but he said he likes working here because it is has more personality. Photo by Megan Jae Riggs.

Myers explained that after being approached at the farmer’s market by a doctor who told him that an estimated forty percent of people with gluten allergies also have either milk or egg allergies, he realized vegan needed to be included in his menu. Gluten-free and vegan aren’t mutually exclusive but as Myers saw more of a demand for both, he decided to expand his options.

“There was a need for vegan food in Missoula.” Myers said. “People are so excited to be able to get pancakes or biscuits and gravy or even doughnuts.”

Goodie Ville offers a variety of baked goods, all of which are gluten-free. Featured is the vegan chocolate doughnut.

A gluten-free diet consists of abstaining from wheat gluten, a protein found in wheat. A vegan diet consists of abstaining from all animal products and by-products.  Myers said Goodie Ville is about half gluten-free and half vegan, though meat and dairy are also on the menu. He is serious about cross-contamination for vegan fare also. His staff knows to use a separate fryer, sink and utensils, which never touch any meat or dairy, when preparing vegan food. Goodie Ville offers a large variety of food including, fried chicken, pizza, onion rings, Indian dishes, sandwiches, soups and a variety of baked goods.

Rachelle Cowart says she went to Goodie Ville because as someone with Celiac disease, a disease triggered by consumption of gluten that can cause damage to the small intestine and debilitate absorption of certain nutrients, she has to be careful about where and what she eats. “I love everything about it and I think it is a staple for anyone needing gluten-free options,” Cowart said.

Myers said he does what he can to accommodate people with other allergies, and he appreciates when customers give him a heads up if they know they’re coming in. Goodie Ville will continue to sell baked goods at the farmer’s market and Myers is looking into having hot food this year. Goodie Ville is located at 2700 Paxson next to the Southgate Mall. Click here for menu, hours and more information.


Megan Jae Riggs is a freelance visual journalist living in Missoula, Montana. She’s a graduate of the University of Montana School of Journalism and enjoys green smoothies, riding her beach cruiser and Montana sunsets. She can be reached at