Thank Your Friendly Local Santa Claus

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Christmas is a magical time of year. From holiday lights to the delicious desserts, Missoulians know how to celebrate the season.

Yet, do we ever stop to consider all of the hard work behind the scenes? I thought this Christmas might be a good time to focus on the unique and magical jobs that allow us to enjoy the holidays.

Here is a list (not exhaustive by any means!) of those working individuals who contribute their time and skills to enhance our Christmas experience:

  1. Santa. Every year, thousands of individuals across the nation don beards and red caps to portray the jolly old St. Nick. In Missoula, Santa Claus arrives yearly downtown at the Parade of Lights.  He can also be found at the Southgate Mall, posing for pictures with your children and pets.
  1. Dancers. The Nutcracker has been performed almost every holiday season in Missoula for the last 30 years. The amount of effort that goes into this production is amazing and showcases the talents of young dancers, local choreographers and established professionals.
  1. Package Delivery Workers. Who brings more joy to the Christmas season than the postal workers, UPS drivers, and FedEx package delivery workers? The holiday season is extremely busy for these dedicated employees who arrive at our doorsteps bearing presents and cards from friends both near and far. Find fedex routes for sale in your area.
  1. Bell Ringers. The Bell Ringers with their traditional red kettles share the spirit of Christmas throughout the entire month of December. These steadfast workers stand in the cold for hours collecting donations that provide needy families with Christmas dinners and clothing.
  1. Bakers and Pastry Chefs. Christmas is a very busy time for chefs and bakers as well. Think of all the delicious treats sold at local bakeries or of the hours caterers devote to seasonal parties! These artisans provide Missoulians with the taste of the holidays. 
  1. Ministers. Churches across Missoula celebrate Christmas Eve with special Candlelight Services and Midnight Masses. These events require extensive preparation by priests, ministers, and church staff members and highlight the spiritual aspects of the holiday season.

In addition to these hardworking artists and employees, numerous other workers help to make Christmas in Missoula a time of joy and warmth, including: Those who plow our streets so we can take a drive and view the holiday lights, the retail workers who put in over time so you can find the perfect gift for your grandmother, and the artistic individuals who paint store shop windows with snowy wonderlands.

This season remember to thank the dedicated workers of Missoula for their contributions to the holiday spirit!


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