Bob Wire’s Off-White Christmas Videos


With the help and generosity of a few Missoula businesses, we’ve created a series of Christmas music videos from our award-winning CD, “Off White Christmas,” by Bob Wire and Chip Whitson.

Gravity Productions, a video production upstart right here in Missoula, put together a sexy, fun video for “Sha La La La (Don’t Come Home This Christmas)” that we shot in the expansive, rustic Kettlehouse Northside taproom. Missoula bassist extraordinaire John Sporman guests in the video, on both bass and jug. And look for the K-hole’s own JR Roof in his star turn as “Beer Drinker #3.”

The first video from the CD, “Credit Card Christmas,” was shot last fall in Rockin’ Rudy’s. The store’s riot of colors make a spectacular backdrop for Bob and his rhythm section of Rick Waldorf on bass and “Cousin” Bob Sularz on drums. Rick even uses his comic acting chops in the video.

Bob Wire and the crew wreck the halls.

Bob Wire and the crew wreck the halls at the K-hole.

The newest addition to the playlist is “Santa’s Got a Sharkskin Suit,” which features Missoula’s real beard Santa, Todd Kaye, frolicking around the Big and Tall department of Dillard’s department store. He even gets his inseam measured by an overly friendly salesman.

Chip Whitson’s clever black and white clip for “You Ain’t Gettin’ Sh*t for Christmas” is the granddaddy of ‘em all. Chip wrote and recorded the original version four or five years ago, and that inspired the whole “Off White Christmas” project. Check out the “guest” artist who plays lead guitar for him.

YouTube has become the biggest music discovery site on the internet (“Gangnam Style,” anyone?), and we’ll keep putting up new videos inspired by the wacky rock and roll of “Off White Christmas.”

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