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Does Your Wine Show Grape Restraint?

WINEGUYMIKE - It’s late at night and I’m sitting in my office drinking a very mediocre Argentinean Pinot Noir from the Patagonia region listening to the best of Bob Dylan.... more

WineGuyMike: What’s Your Wine Style?

WINEGUYMIKE - Welcome to 2014. Today I’m going to talk about style, your wine style preference is what I’m referring to - Do you prefer an Old World or a New World wine?... more

WineGuyMike: Old Vine Zinfandel

WINEGUYMIKE - (VIDEO) This week I’m sharing one of those comfort wines in this transitional season of fall. Zinfandel is full bodied, fruit forward, and a spicy red wine.... more

Kingston Family Vineyards

WINEGUYMIKE - (VIDEO) I had a chance to sit down via Skype with Courtney Kingston, owner of Kingston Family Vineyards in the Casablanca Valley of Chile, to find out what is new with her family's wines. ... more

The Great Wines of Tuscany

WINEGUYMIKE - Italy has been producing wine for 3,000 years and it is said that Italy is not a country, just one gigantic vineyard from the North to South. ... more