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Work at a Ski Resort

By WARREN MILLER. Are you a recent college grad? Need a job? Google the “want ads” of all the major ski resorts in America. What’s wrong with working at night and skiing or snowboarding all day for a w... more

Considering the Light and Dark of Backcountry Skiing

By MARK VOSBURGH - It's easy for me to gush about backcountry skiing. But I've come to believe that skiing has a dark side that exists regardless of whether we choose to acknowledge it.... more

Early Season Skiing: First Turns of the Year at Lolo Pass

By TRAVIS GOODKIND - It was hard to image a better ski day, considering that it was my first day on skis since May. I was jealous of the stories of great early-season skiing. It was time to make some turns of m... more

Ski Gear Review: MFD All Time Touring Bindings

By TRAVIS GOODKIND - With their All Time touring binding, MFD has combined what we love about alpine bindings and touring bindings. We’ve been waiting for this. ... more

Fall – A Season to Anticipate Winter – and Skiing!

By TRAVIS GOODKIND - (VIDEOS) There's nothing quite like fall in Montana. Fall is the perfect transition to winter, our favorite season.... more

Mouthwatering Bloody Mary at Last Run Inn

By RYAN NEWHOUSE. Fresh powder means one-and-a-half things in Missoula, hitting the slopes at Montana Snowbowl and finishing the day with a slice of wood-fired pizza and a famous mouthwatering Bloody Mary at La... more