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Startup Weekend Proves Missoula’s Entrepreneurial Chops

By COLIN STONER - My takeaway from Startup Weekend was that Missoula needed an event like this. It was proof positive that we can create a startup ecosystem in Missoula.... more

Missoula to Host Montana’s First-Ever Startup Weekend

By COLIN STONER - A unique business opportunity is coming to Missoula this weekend, and it’s creating a lot of buzz amongst geeks, designers, and business-savvy locals.... more

Why I’m Anti-Antivirus

By COLIN STONER - As an IT Director for over eight years, I’ve seen most types of viruses out there. Early in my career, I decided to abandon antivirus software. ... more

A Preview of IdeaMensch in Missoula: IM48 LA Recap

By COLIN STONER - I was in LA for IdeaMensch's IM48 kickoff on Monday, and got a sneak peek of the entrepreneurial event coming our way next Friday in Missoula.... more

IdeaMensch in Missoula: Bring Your Entrepreneurial Ideas to Life

By COLIN STONER - Entrepreneurs are dreamers, but there's a fine line between dream and reality. On July 13, IdeaMensch will be in Missoula to help bring ideas to life.... more

The Dreaded “C” Word

By COLIN STONER - Even though I despise the word "cloud," some amazing things have happened in the tech world since it started appearing in daily conversations.... more

How to Lose Friends and Alienate People

By COLIN STONER - How do you spend almost a decade amassing 900 million friends, only to lose them overnight? You take your company public.... more

Advancing Beyond the Missoula Lifestyle Business

By COLIN STONER - As entrepreneurs and business owners in Missoula, we fall into the lifestyle business category quite often. Question is, how do you move beyond it?... more