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Independent Film Festival Returns to Polson

By CLARE MENZEL - Sixty films on schedule for fourth annual Flathead Lake International Cinemafest at Showboat Cinemas.... more

Yesterday and Tomorrow

By LIZ MARCHI - I feel a tug today. I left my Mom early this morning in Alabama. She is still beautiful at 82 but she is tired. She lost her last sibling last week. ... more

Dinner Parties

By LIZ MARCHI - I love dinner parties--especially in the summer. I love setting the table, getting out the china, glasses, linens, silverware, doing flowers and planning the menu.... more

Stepping Back in Time to Visit the Fort Connah Trading Post

By MAGGIE PLUMMER - I love visiting the old Fort Connah Trading Post just north of St. Ignatius. Built in the 1840s by Angus McDonald, it's the oldest standing building in the state of Montana.... more

Legends of Our Own Minds: My 41st High School Mini Reunion

By LIZ MARCHI - I just spent 3 days at the beach with 5 high school girlfriends, some I have known since 1st grade. Geez, is it really all about childhood? I don’t know but it certainly matters.... more

Ponder It: On Death and Taxes

By MAGGIE PLUMMER - From death to taxes. So good to finally get the income taxes dropped into the mail; so sad to see a once vibrant woman buried. What a day it’s been. ... more