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Reflections on Coming in Last Place at the Pengelly Double Dip

By MISTY GAUBATZ - I signed up for the Pengelly Double Dip race with no idea what I was getting myself into. I may even have been mildly intoxicated. Mildly.... more

Pengelly Double Dip Celebrates Missoula’s Trails and Friends

By KEVIN TWIDWELL - In addition to honoring David Pengelly, the 2012 Pengelly Double Dip is a tribute to Micah True, also known as Caballo Blanco of “Born to Run" fame.... more

Tackling the Pengelly Double Dip Race: Part Two

By EVA DUNN-FROEBIG. When I found myself huffing and puffing even before I got on the M Trail I worried, how was I going to make it up 2,700 feet if I was out of breath in the first few hundred yards?... more

Tackling the Pengelly Double Dip Race: Part One

By EVA DUNN-FROEBIG. Those of us in the running world have our “dream races”— a mental list of the races we want to run. One of the races on my list has been the Pengelly Double Dip, a 13.5 mile trail ru... more