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Bob Wire’s State of the Union

By BOB WIRE - As is my tradition, I have put together a translation of the President's State of the Union Speech. What follows is its true meaning, stripped of all euphemism, double-talk, and Capitol-speak.... more

Business in Montana: Here’s Your Sign

By MARK RIFFEY - To connect with customers, you need to follow the signs. Some signs you must seek out, while many are buried in your existing business data.... more

Jesus Statue on Big Mountain – Religious Controversy in Whitefish, MT

By DAVE SKINNER. The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) wants our Jesus gone from Big Mountain? Um, I beg to differ. ... more

What’s With the Funny Square Bar Codes? (i.e. What are QR Codes?)

By MARK RIFFEY. You may have seen those odd-looking square bar codes in newspapers and magazines, on product boxes, etc. What are they? Read on. . .... more

Differentiation in Business: Promotion Tips to Prevent Generic Marketing

By MARK RIFFEY. One of the things you have to be careful about is making your business too generic. Lesson: Business is Personal.... more

Nothing in Common?

By KELLYN BROWN. Like I was saying...Don’t compare the Tea Party to Occupy Wall Street protesters. Don’t do it. They are nothing alike. That’s what I’m told, although the effort of one to distance itse... more