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Pasternak is the 2015 Northern Rockies Physical Therapy Scholarship Recipient

Northern Rockies Physical Therapy (NRPT) is proud to announce Sentinel High School Graduate, Sydney Pasternak, as the 2015 Northern Rockies Physical Therapy Scholarship recipient.... more

Pro Tips to Avoid Pain at Your Desk

By Clay Springmeyer - The human body wasn’t designed to sit hunched over a computer behind a desk all day. Here are a few tips that can help eliminate pains from a long day at the desk.... more

Don’t Ignore the Small Stuff

By Clay Springmeyer - We've been trained as a society to tough out minor injuries. But ignoring seemingly minor injuries can mean trouble. Instead, consider physical therapy.... more

You’re a Stand Up Person: You Deserve a Stand Up Desk

By CLAY SPRINGMEYER- Regular exercise and eating right isn’t enough to abolish the detrimental health effects of prolonged butt-resting. If your job requires a lot of sitting, consider getting a standup desk.... more

Avoid Injury By Using Care When Carving

By JENNIFER HELMER - October is National Physical Therapy Month. Ironically, increased hand injuries occur this month. These injuries coincide with Halloween, pumpkin carving and candle lighting for jack-o-lant... more