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Hall of Fame Cannot Repel the KISS Army

By BOB WIRE- You may be among those who think the Hall of Fame is silly, irrelevant, phony and stupid. But for rock and roll, it’s the only way to officially enshrine its top practitioners.... more

A Casualty in the Practical Joke War

By BOB WIRE- I love a good practical joke. Over the years, sharp-eyed Missoulians have seen me driving around town with a fake foot and lower leg hanging out the bottom of the driver’s door.... more

Man Vs. Wasp

By BOB WIRE- At last the story can be told. It’s a tale of horror, pain, insects and payback. And it’s all true.... more

10 Bands That Didn’t Quit When They Should Have

By BOB WIRE- Here, in no particular order, are ten bands that kicked ass for a while and then failed to call it a day when they should have. And one that did.... more

Hitting Musical Home Runs in Missoula (VIDEOS)

By BOB WIRE- (VIDEOS) A couple of Missoula musical moments this week buoyed my spirits, kindled my hope, and shined a beam of light through the fog of malaise and banality that dominates popular music.... more