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Under the Southern Cross-Monte Dolack Travels to New Zealand

By MONTE DOLACK - I recently traveled with my wife and fellow artist Mary Beth Percival to the other side of the world on tour of New Zealand. Here's what we discovered...... more

Settling into Palmerston North New Zealand

By LINDA MCCARTHY - We finally found a place to live in Palmerston North! It was a bit more difficult than we anticipated, but we celebrated Valentine's Day with a roof over our heads.... more

Fly Fishing the Brown Trout Capital of the World

By TOM GALLAGHER - After leaving Christchurch, we began a 1,000-mile, one week loop through New Zealand. There was some Montana-worthy fly fishing involved.... more

Christchurch, New Zealand: A City that Lost Its Heart and Found Innovation

By LINDA MCCARTHY - We visited Christchurch’s Central Business District as they rebuild after earthquakes. I am impressed and inspired after seeing their innovative efforts.... more

From Missoula to New Zealand… or Bust!

By LINDA MCCARTHY - Our trip to New Zealand began like most from Missoula. Though it took 15 hours to get to LA, we found refuge in the Cook Islands en route to Christchurch.... more

Adventures with Missoula’s Sister: Our Sabbatical in Palmerston North, New Zealand

By LINDA MCCARTHY - It’s not every day you get the chance to live on the other side of the world, so when we had the opportunity to live in Missoula's sister city, we took it.... more