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Building More Sustainable Communities: Like Minded Efforts in Palmerston North and Missoula

By LINDA MCCARTHY - I recently took a field trip with Massey University's Christine Cheyne to learn about Palmy’s efforts to build a more sustainable community and to share what Missoula is doing to be more s... more

Building Entrepreneurship in Palmerston North New Zealand

By LINDA MCCARTHY - Palmerston North is a hub of activity for entrepreneurship. It is remarkable how much education and business development focus is centered on creating and distributing something new.... more

Croquet, Young Entrepreneurs and Tea in Missoula’s Sister City

By LINDA MCCARTHY - This week I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon having lunch and playing croquet with John Wall in Missoula's Sister City of Palmerston North, New Zealand.... more

Passion and Community Set Community Leaders Apart

By LINDA MCCARTHY - Palmerston North and Missoula have both benefited from the endeavors of John Wall and John and Jenny Hornblow--passionate leaders and supporters of the Missoula and Palmerston North Sister C... more

Getting Around in New Zealand – Driving, Biking, Walking and Busing

By LINDA MCCARTHY - It’s been a relaxing few days for me as I have taken in a number of different events and activities in my Sister City immersion program here in Palmerston North, New Zealand. Here is a syn... more