The Story Behind the "M"

The "M" is 620 feet above the Missoula Valley floor. It is 125' feet long and 100' feet wide. University of Montana forestry students cut the switchbacks into the side of the hill in the early 1900's. The first "M" was assembled out of whitewashed rocks in 1909, and given a fresh coat of paint by freshmen every year, until 1968, when all those rocks were cemented together with concrete.

Photo by Nelson Kenter,

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COVID-19 Update in Downtown Missoula

As our country and our community quiets itself in an effort to “reduce the curve”, we are all concerned about how this worldwide pandemic will play out, both globally and locally. We are reminded to slow do... more

Shopping on ‘Small Business Saturday’ Builds Local Economy

By LINDA MCCARTHY - Downtown Missoula is rolling out the red carpet for 'Small Business Saturday' which encourages people to shop at small, locally-owned, bricks and mortar stores the Saturday after Thanksgivi... more

Wayfinding: Finding Your Way To And Around Missoula

By LINDA MCCARTHY - Ever notice how other communities have beautiful navigational signs that help guide you to your destination? Ever wonder why Missoula doesn’t? ... more

Sigma Phi Epsilon 30-year Reunion Brings Old Friends To Missoula This Weekend

By LINDA MCCARTHY - Brothers in the Sigma Phi Epsilon house at UM were some of my closest friends in college and this weekend they're celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the re-opening of the chapter. ... more

Missoula Leaders Engaged at Montana Economic Summit

By LINDA MCCARTHY - The local daily newspaper claimed that Missoula was not well represented at the Montana Economic Summit, held in Butte. In my opinion, nothing could be further from the truth.... more

Missoula’s Old Sawmill District Ready for Investment

By LINDA MCCARTHY - (PHOTO GALLERY) The Old Sawmill District – the former Champion Mill site on the south side of the Clark Fork River – is a great example of progress in Missoula. ... more

Roots Fest This Weekend in Downtown Missoula August 23-25, 2013

By LINDA McCARTHY- The 8th annual River City Roots Festival is coming up this weekend August 23-25 in Downtown Missoula--showcasing live music, juried art, family fun, food, drink and a four-mile run.... more

Seahawks or Broncos?

By LINDA McCARTHY- Since Montana is essentially halfway between Seattle and Denver, Missoulians are oftentimes split between their love of the Mariners and the Rockies, the Seahawks and the Broncos.... more

Missoula Symphony in the Park: Sunday Aug 11, 2013

By LINDA McCARTHY- The Missoula Symphony will host its annual Symphony in the Park this Sun., Aug. 11, 2013 This FREE event is a ‘do not miss’ event for Missoula! ... more

Enjoying the Great Outdoors in and Around Missoula

By LINDA McCARTHY- One of the best things about living in Missoula, Montana is the access you have to the wild open spaces and recreation places throughout the region. ... more

Montana Diva Foundation Hosts 2013 Celtic Festival of Missoula

By LINDA McCARTHY- The Montana Diva Foundation hosts the fourth annual Celtic Festival of Missoula July 26-28 in Caras Park in the heart of Downtown Missoula. ... more

Two Unique July Festivals Make Missoula Special

By LINDA McCARTHY- For a unique Missoula experience, don’t miss out on the International Choral Festival July 17-20 and the Missoula Celtic Festival July 26-28.... more

Missoula Marathon Festivities Bring Thousands to the Garden City

By LINDA McCARTHY-One of Montana’s largest events takes place this weekend (July 12-14, 2013) right here in the Garden City, as thousands of Montanans and out-of-staters flock to the Missoula Marathon.... more

Celebrating America’s Independence in Missoula, MT U.S.A.

By LINDA McCARTHY - Independence Day. Why don’t we call it that anymore? Instead we call it the "Fourth of July"? As for me, I'm celebrating INDEPENDENCE DAY in Missoula, MT U.S.A.... more

New Retail Stores Open in Downtown Missoula

By LINDA McCARTHY - In many ways, 2013 feels like true end to the recent recession, given the number of new retail businesses openings and construction projects in Downtown Missoula.... more

Downtown Missoula Features Brand-New Dining Destinations

By LINDA McCARTHY - The Garden City is rich with exceptional, creative, affordable and elegant options for enjoying a night–or morning–out on the town. Here is an overview of Downtown Missoula’s newest re... more

Out to Lunch & Downtown ToNight the Showcase of Summer in Missoula

By LINDA McCARTHY - Summer has arrived in Missoula, Montana! The telling tale is the start of Out to Lunch in Caras Park and Downtown ToNight. Here's the 2013 schedule of Entertainment.... more

There is Nothing Like Coming Home to Missoula, Montana

By LINDA McCARTHY - We have returned to the Garden City just in time to enjoy a glorious summer in Western Montana, and there is no place we would rather be. It’s wonderful to be home in Missoula!... more

Our New Zealand Adventure: Coming to a Close

By LINDA McCARTHY - Our time in Missoula's Sister City, Palmerston North, New Zealand has been an adventure and has given us a greater appreciation for our community, our state and our country. We can't wait to... more

The Royal Treatment by the Rangitane Tribe of New Zealand

By THOMAS P. GALLAGHER - This week my family and I met Rangitane tribal chief, Wiremu Te Awe Awe, and his wife, Trieste, who introduced us to the marae of the Rangitane Tribe and New Zealand's Māori society. ... more

Volleyball in Palmy

By LINDA MCCARTHY - Here in Palmerston North, New Zealand, I have been fortunate to connect with a group of passionate volleyball players, and I have had more fun playing with them than anything else I've done ... more

Backpacking in New Zealand

By LINDA MCCARTHY - Last weekend we went backpacking (or tramping as they call it here in New Zealand). We chose a relatively easy and short hike into the Ruahine Forest and made plans to spend the night at the... more

Wellington: New Zealand’s Capital City

By LINDA MCCARTHY - We spent last weekend in New Zealand’s capital city Wellington, a two-hour drive south of Palmerston North. Wellington is the self-proclaimed Capital of Cool.... more

Palmerston North Public Library: a New Zealand Gem!

By LINDA MCCARTHY - It’s National Library Week in the United States, and Palmerston North’s modern and cutting-edge public Public Library is one of the community's greatest assets. ... more

Auckland New Zealand for Easter

By LINDA MCCARTHY - We had an opportunity to get away from Palmerston North and spend Easter weekend in Auckland, the largest city in New Zealand at just under 1.4 million people. ... more

Building More Sustainable Communities: Like Minded Efforts in Palmerston North and Missoula

By LINDA MCCARTHY - I recently took a field trip with Massey University's Christine Cheyne to learn about Palmy’s efforts to build a more sustainable community and to share what Missoula is doing to be more s... more

Building Entrepreneurship in Palmerston North New Zealand

By LINDA MCCARTHY - Palmerston North is a hub of activity for entrepreneurship. It is remarkable how much education and business development focus is centered on creating and distributing something new.... more

Croquet, Young Entrepreneurs and Tea in Missoula’s Sister City

By LINDA MCCARTHY - This week I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon having lunch and playing croquet with John Wall in Missoula's Sister City of Palmerston North, New Zealand.... more

Passion and Community Set Community Leaders Apart

By LINDA MCCARTHY - Palmerston North and Missoula have both benefited from the endeavors of John Wall and John and Jenny Hornblow--passionate leaders and supporters of the Missoula and Palmerston North Sister C... more

Getting Around in New Zealand – Driving, Biking, Walking and Busing

By LINDA MCCARTHY - It’s been a relaxing few days for me as I have taken in a number of different events and activities in my Sister City immersion program here in Palmerston North, New Zealand. Here is a syn... more

AAHH…Free Time in Palmerston North New Zealand

By LINDA MCCARTHY - It’s been a relaxing few days for me as I have taken in a number of different events and activities in my Sister City immersion program here in Palmerston North, New Zealand. Here is a syn... more

Settling into Palmerston North New Zealand

By LINDA MCCARTHY - We finally found a place to live in Palmerston North! It was a bit more difficult than we anticipated, but we celebrated Valentine's Day with a roof over our heads.... more

Time to Get to Work – In Palmerston North New Zealand

By LINDA MCCARTHY - After four weeks of vacation and the challenges of finding a place to live, Tom began teaching this week and we're settling down in Palmerston North. I think we're going to like "Palmy".... more