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Horse Friends – When Friendships are Born of Horses

By SUZANNE MILLER - Friendships among horse aficionados can be very different from those centered on other endeavors. Horses intensify just about everything.... more

Real Cowgirls Wear Sports Bras

By DANIELLE LATTUGA. Okay, so I am less a cow-girl and more a horse-woman but that’s not my point. Usually, I am in a rush when I’ve got to pack up all the stuff I will need or might need on a horseback ri... more

A Professionally Nice Horsewoman

By SUZANNE MILLER. Professionally nice is the term my husband uses to describe my good friend, Jean Larson. She is after all, an ordained minister and pastor. She is supposed to be nice.... more

When a Horse Likes to Move

By DANIELLE LATTUGA.In the last year with this horse, I’ve seen glimmers of connection. Little bright shining moments where we are working together perfectly in sync, or times when we stand shoulder to should... more

Summer Sounds

By SUZANNE MILLER. This year, our vigil for Ozzie and Harriet (The Osprey) was particularly full of anticipation and tension as we had Northwestern Energy install a web camera at Dunrovin Ranch.... more