The Story Behind the "M"

The "M" is 620 feet above the Missoula Valley floor. It is 125' feet long and 100' feet wide. University of Montana forestry students cut the switchbacks into the side of the hill in the early 1900's. The first "M" was assembled out of whitewashed rocks in 1909, and given a fresh coat of paint by freshmen every year, until 1968, when all those rocks were cemented together with concrete.

Photo by Nelson Kenter,

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Foghorn String Band Coming to Missoula

By MARK VOSBURGH - Hankerin' for some authentic, honest, old time, country, Cajun, Appalachia or Bluegrass String Music? Take in The Foghorn String Band at the Top Hat Lounge on Friday, May 24th at 10 pm.... more